Sep 23, 2015

it was a good spring

they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
that older age casts a rosy light on previous days.
that yesterday seems sweeter the more we get into tomorrow.
once we learn bigger lessons, maybe, 
we forget the pain of learning the smaller ones, 
ones we didn’t realize were small at the time.
i got back more film,
freshly developed from the days of budding bushes.
it was a good spring.
is it too late to say that autumn is here?
now that the bushes' leaves drift into red, one by one?
absence makes the heart grow fonder maybe, 
or perhaps less cold.
when the old letters are thrown away and the pretty pictures kept,
the lack of words and abundance of color and light warps memories
(or maybe sheds light on what really matters.)

[shot with Canon FTb on Kodak200]


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