Sep 11, 2015

adventures in film photography / year one

almost exactly a year ago
i stumbled upon a seemingly small blessing
(yet a blessing just the same).
a rummage sale,
a vintage, mismatched, heavy old camera,
three dollars.

i've always been a fan of analog.
the grain,
the texture,
the focus and leaks.
though seeming more elite,
a bit unattainable at the time.
but i found it randomly,
(or rather
it found me.)

countless online articles, little discoveries
and a free light meter app later,
a first roll of film
twenty four manual exposures
excitement, apprehension, confusion.
by that first set of prints, i was hooked.

now there are three wonderful cameras;
each with different meanings,
different strengths and weekends.
ten envelops full of prints in a drawer.
a roll in a purse, waiting to be dropped off
an online album with almsot 200 images
(click here)

here's to a year of capturing memories on film.
it's been delightful, its been a blessing,
and i can't wait to see where it takes me next.

[shot on Canon FTb with Kodak200]
have any of you had experiences with film shooting?
if not, i do hope you'll try it someday :)

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