Jul 27, 2015

in a rush of love and a river of song

i love being busy and i love feeling happy,
i love it when i'm hungry and all food just tastes wonderful.
i love it when i hear a song and it makes my heart swell and my fingers itch to play along
and i feel like i could explode out of my chair and to the moon.
i love working outside and wandering around,
new surroundings and old hangouts,
laying inside in the cool air-conditioning.
i love breaking routine, i love having a routine.
i love speeding along the dirt roads of Kansas that seem to go on forever and ever.
i love feeling welcome and spontaneous and adventurous and like we are invincible.
i love it when things are happy and my heart is light and everything looks and feels good.
it's one of those days.
not 'those' days,
but these days.
where anything is possible.
even if we don't actually do anything.
(from a sunday afternoon.
artwork by the lovely Hannah of Music City Hep Kitten)


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