Aug 6, 2015


i sometimes find myself awake very late and very early;
soaking up stories, pounding out my own words or transfixed to creative videos on a screen.
i am awake again,
flying along  tree lined streets as our sun rises,
touching leafy green tips and pointed house tops with its warming gold,
the outdoors grounding and freeing my mind before the day's duties.
in the evening we visit,
share the overabundance of persevering little backyard garden patches,
stroll around or cut the grass,
try to finish a library book on the front porch glider,
randomly play and end up writing a few lines to a song in darkening light.
i am awake again,
there are so many stories.
so many beautiful lines of words and music,
(most of it all stuck in my head)
but that motivation is here again;
capture, create, live in the moment.
sleeping in is hardly an option.
there are too many beautiful things.
how could i have missed them before?
there was a time of doubt about ever reaching this point again.
how blessed i am to be alive today,
 to be awake.

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