Aug 11, 2015

august in photos 1/3

at the end of july i was feeling excited and inspired.
i get very happy and a little less introverted during the summer,
and seem to appreciate things better once they start slipping away,
so i set out to try and capture the month of august/summer in all it's glory.
i've gone through and enjoyed photo a day months before
(remember last september?)
pinterest searches for a 31 day photo challenge lead to 
 'take a picture of your breakfast' and 'a selfie' kind of stuff.
but i wanted to reach down into summer and take a shot that sparked glowing memories at a glance.
so here i go, freestyle,  
trying to make an image a day full of summer feels, unique to the season.
^ August 1, 2015 ^
^ August 2, 2015 ^ 
 ^ August 3, 2015 ^ 
 ^ August 4, 2015 ^ 
^ August 5, 2015 ^
^ August 6, 2015 ^
^ August 7, 2015 ^
^ August 8, 2015 ^ 
 ^August 9, 2015 ^ 
^ August 10, 2015 ^

as you may have noticed,
i firmly belive in streaching out and enjoying summer,
all the way through august.
how are you guys enjoying the last of this season?

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