Jul 15, 2015

summer on

summer really snuck up on me this year.
i sometimes feel like i'm floating, drifting though time,
treading water, trying to hold on, not sink,
not grow up too fast.
i've always been a nostalgia addict. 
melancholy is a feeling familiar to my heart.
but the new holds such promise, brings such refreshment.
new songs, new places, new people. 
they open our eyes and enrich moments.
though for seconds,
i almost get tired of the struggle of new things,
i want to be safe, stay parked with what is known.
but life isn't about me. i am here for others, for Him.
balance is key.
balance is THE key.
and i'm learning that turning the key in the ignition is worth it.
every time. 



Modest Splendour said...

I am officially obsessed with your blog!! I love the pictures, so different and unique.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Abigail and sweet little Daisy! Thank you for bringing us your latest musings and pictures of summer days in Kansas - the towns, the suburbs and the rural countryside. When I was your age and living in Pennsylvania, summer was fleeting. The weeks that followed the 4th of July passed quickly and before I knew it I was back in school for another year. Now I realize that summer is merely a state of mind. Today I am experiencing an "endless summer" by keeping physically fit, mentally and spiritually whole, and challenging myself in with new projects and relationships. The familiar is safe and comfortable, but when you overcome inertia and embrace the new and the different, you become fully alive. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Abigail!

Amy said...

Your photos and writing are always so perfect! I totally agree, balance is the key ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Moriah Morrison said...

This is so on point. I always struggle with longing for the past, but looking towards the future.

Lana said...

Balance is indeed the key. I struggle with that myself on most occasions as we've discussed. the last picture of the birds on the wire in beautiful soft velvety sun is absolutely perfection. It looks like a film photograph, the feel and ambiance is beautiful.

Kim said...

I'm an introvert at heart so sometimes I let time slip by without trying anything new. I have to remind myself to go out and explore new things and meet new people. Balance seems to be a tricky thing; always changing, always adjusting. Lovely photos by the way. They smell like the warm summer sun and the soft breeze that wafts through the tall grass.

Sarah Albertson said...

I love how your photos are always overflowing with nostalgia. I am often stressed by trying new things, but usually it's worth it.

Grace said...

"but life isn't about me. i am here for others, for Him." yes, oh, my yes.
i am in love with your stills - they portray the simplicity of sweet summer days and of lives rooted in small towns that carry our hearts, even after we're long gone.

thank you for the sweet words on my blog. you are a gem. xx

Tessie Jayne said...

You are such an inspiration, Abigail. Everything you write always resonates with me, most often because it's exactly how I feel. Knowing that there's someone who feels the exact same way definitely makes me feel better, and your words make me sad/happy all at once (I'm sure you know what I mean!). Thank you for being such a great person/blogger/friend! :).

Jessica Cangiano said...

Count me firmly amongst the ranks of being a nostalgia addict as well. I think often, as recently as two days ago actually, about that fact that many of us who have been so fortunate as to be tapped by the universe to love and fill our lives with vintage, are (just that). There are pros and cons to it, like so much in life, but ultimately I wouldn't trade being pulled towards nostalgia and taking leisurely walks down memory lane - even if the road extends well beyond my own date of birth - for anything in the world. We who are imbued with history live the richest todays.

♥ Jessica


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