May 12, 2014

the first week of May

last week
the first time this year 
i cut the grass
turned on the air conditioner
had severe storms
100 degree weather
i watched this movie (drive a crooked road)
read this book (12 years a slave)
was addicted to/learned this song (rockwood deer chase)

i normally like to watch comedies in the spring
and 1940s/50 noir in the fall/winter
we usually mow and get in storms earlier in the year
turn the AC on later in the month.
things feel a tad out of whack
but yet perfectly in place
wore a 1970s outfit (that i found last year)
its quite bold and bright
and the color makes a stark
and rather comical
contrast to the red pews in church

mom make cinnamon rolls for mother's day

it rained and then
the sun came out

first strawberries

first apricots

first cucumber plants

how is your month of May going so far?


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Abigail! I'm having a fabulous May and it looks like you and that little rascal Daisy are, too. Your list of interests continues to surprise and delight me. There are many young people today who refuse to watch black and white movies or TV shows (unless it's a homework assignment). It is refreshing and gratifying to find a teenager who enjoys experiencing old movies and other aspects of pop culture and life in the mid twentieth century and earlier. Perhaps Downton Abbey is one of the driving forces in generating worldwide interest in a bygone era. You and I are both film buffs, it seems. Amia, too. I spent the entire year 2007 educating myself about the films of the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. I watched hundreds of black and white movies that year including every Andy Hardy film available. I discovered that my favorite genre is film noir. Drive a Crooked Road is considered one of the late Rooney's best performances. I also like his co-star Kevin McCarthy, my favorite film of his being Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1955). Yes, classic horror and sci-fi are among my favorite genres.

More superb pictures from you today, Abigail. I'm stunned by your artistic sense. No one shoots a sky as well as you, and the water droplets on leaf, first apricots, hose bib, window sill and room with light and shadow are all simply excellent photographs. Last but not least, you look gorgeous in your fresh green 1970s dress! Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend!

Sarah said...

I just love that dress! The style is wonderful. My strawberry plants and cucumbers have started too, I am so excited to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Hope the rest of May is as lovely as the first week has been! :)

Emma Declerck said...

So lovely to see those photographs!

At the moment you should really think that's already spring in Belgium, it's raining whole day but the first real flowers and strawberries are already growing and that gives still that spring feeling, luckely!

And your dress is also perfect for this first and sunny week of May for you!

xoxo Emma

Sarah Potts said...

Love the dress and photos! Spring is such a lovely time, I'm about to plant lots of herbs so it makes me excited seeing your pictures of things coming up! X

Lindsay Lane said...

Such stunning photographs and you look so lovely!

Ajax Cochrane said...

Lovely dress and photos! My May's been great so far, other than crows nipping off the first shoots of my corn. But, I'm laying for them with the Gamo, so we'll see who wins this. And the big car show in Mt Ida coming up- so excited. And nervous that I won't get my rotors installed in time to go.

Jennifer Rainey said...

Such a cute dress! My May has been just splendid so far, and I'm glad to hear you've been having a good month, too. It's so nice to see everything come alive again!


Sean MacKenzie said...

Our weather was quite similar except we didn't quite make it to triple digits.

Brigid said...

Your photography is always so fresh, old-fashioned and lovely! Your outfit is cute too!
My May has been a little bit crazy so far, and it doesn't seem like it's going to get any less crazy. We'll see!

Tessie Jayne said...

Once again, I am mesmerized by your photography. Your garden is so beautiful! My family's been thinking about growing one of our own, but our yard is kind of small...if we ever get around to it, I could only hope it could look that pretty.
The 70s aren't my favorite era for fashion, but I love your dress! It kind of reminds me of a 60s flight attendant.
Also, I probably would've never thought to watch certain genres of movies depending on the season. That's a pretty interesting idea.
I'm happy you're having a good May so far, and I hope you continue to!!

Abigail said...

Thank you!
i'm not big on 70 that much either, it just kinda happened.
About the movies, i don't assign or adhere to a certain kind based on the seasons, its just what i find myself wanting to watch. But i'm telling you; the 'recomended for you' box in YouTube could be the best or perhaps worst thing that happened to me, as i find so many great, old, full length movies!

Abigail said...

Thank you.
Good luck with your plants. Fresh herbs are such a wonderful thing!

Abigail said...

Glad you like them, Emma.
The hot week turned cold and rainy here, too, so it seems that we are in the same boat.
Here's hoping for more spring-like weather!

Abigail said...

oh, thank you!
I know; I just detest when some kids gripe about movies being black and white, as if that somehow makes them unworthy of their attention.
I give a lot of the credit for my interest in old things to my parents. Ever since i remember, as a family we've had movie nights. Almost all of the movie being older ones, and always family friendly. They have also instilled in me a love for all kinds of music, which i know you and i share. i believe that we learn best by example, in which i'm very glad for my parents.
Thank you for all your compliments, have a good weekend!

Abigail said...

Thank you!
i'm so excited for garden fresh as well.... there's nothing like it!

Abigail said...

oh no! Maybe its time for a scarecrow?
So neat you're in a car show, i hope you'll share pictures.

Amia said...

I love the style of your posts, your writing makes even the simplest thing like mowing the grass seem dreamy! Those cinnamon rolls look delicious and your lovely green outfit is beautiful.Spring has been a bit wacky here in Cleveland, Ohio. Lots of thunderstorms the past few days, but when it stops raining, I can see that everything is starting to turn green again :)

Rebekah Bradford said...

That 70s dress is awesome! looks great on you :)

Abigail said...

ha ha yes. the church was built in the 70s/80s so the carpet and upholstery is red and a bit hard on the eyes.
in response to your question; i use just a little point and shoot; Canon Powershot A2200. i've had it for a few years, but it's served me well.
thank you :)

Sarah Corbitt said...

Enjoyed your photos once again! Love that 70's dress; it's such a fun color!


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