May 18, 2014

The Sunset Project - Week 15

there were an abundance busy days
and clouds 
throughout the week.
I'm trying to find new ways to capture a cloudy sky.
the textures of clouds
no matter how dark
are still fascinating 
and if they're bringing relief to our parched land
then i'm happy to see them
May 11, 2014
(cloud cover)

May 12, 2014
(cloud cover)

May 13, 2014
May 15, 2014

May 16, 2014
(cloud cover)

May 17, 2014
(cloud cover)


Shady Del Knight said...

It was a great idea to find creative ways to capture some of your sunsets, dear Abigail! I love Monday's composition. Friday's clouds looked most promising to yield rain and I hope they did. The Florida sun is beating down and baking the land. Rain is almost always needed and welcomed here and the coming week looks dry. I'm afraid I will soon need to run the sprinkler system to avoid a lawn filled with brown grass.

I hope you and your delightful fur baby are having a wonderful weekend, dear friend Abigail!

Sarah said...

So pretty as always! I like the ones that are taken through the window :)

Lucy said...

Though sunsets are beautiful, I must say that I do love the atmosphere that is created when the day is ending and the sky is covered completely in clouds.

Lindsay Lane said...

Wow, such a beautiful sky!!

Sean MacKenzie said...

I actually love the cloudy skies, though I am fond of all your beautiful sunset pictures.

Tessie Jayne said...

I personally prefer "traditional" sunsets, but the cloudy pictures are amazing, too. My favorite's the second one, it looks so mysterious--kind of like it belongs in a movie.

Jessica Cangiano said...

You know, I must share with you, dear Abigail, that I've grown an even deeper appreciation for sunsets (and rises), always treasured sites of course, but ones that in the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily life it can at times be all to easy to forget or at least forget to savour and appreciate properly, because of your marvelous Sunset Project posts. Thank you deeply for that, my lovely friend.

♥ Jessica

Bluebelle said...

I always have trouble capturing the atmosphere created by clouds, but I appreciate your efforts to do so! :) Thursday's is my favorite.

Kathrin said...

love your sunset project!
wonderful photos!

andrea garcia said...

pretty pics :)


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