Mar 14, 2016


'i'm going to live forever' he shouts over and over
dashing back and fourth across the street in the howling wind.
his arms are stretched wide, denim jacket flapping open.
i am hanging back, teetering on the curb
i shake my head and smile on impulse. a real smile, unstoppable.

the days are so much warmer now
 characterized by the sudden attention of the afternoon sun
and longer evenings and cool mornings.
there is something stirring and growing in my chest.
and something soothing comes with long talks with her.
(and to understand and help each other understand.)
we linger at the deserted playground
almost a metaphor of our deserted childhood years.
not really fitting in
but comfortable
(and almost not wanting to leave).
visiting memories and talking of old dreams
and the things we dream of now.
the wind tosses our hair and tugs at our clothes
just as responsibilities tug at the fringes of our minds.

for now i cherish the time to just be.
to be here, to still have time to choose, and to explore it all.
so many things tug at me (just like the wind)
tug at my heart and soul and mind.
(it is a job to keep it stayed on Him)

(the photos in my last three posts aren't visible for some reason.
and for that i am sorry)


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