Mar 18, 2016


it's spring again.
the world woke up again.
(in the span of a weekend it seems.)
we turn around and suddenly there is color
so alive and bursting and free.

it's spring again
i've started jogging again.
up into the fresh air as the town sleeps
and the birds chorus loudly.
out under the open sky
as the sun appears with pink blush.

it's spring again
i can smell the flowers again.
they wake a person up from bad thoughts
their unique scent a gentle nudge saying 'hey,
everything will be okay,
rest on The One who cares for even the little sparrow.'

it's spring again.
and it's snowing again.
i made these photos just a few days ago.
and now snowflakes flurry outside my window.
cool wind fluttering the curtain and the start of tshirt tan lines
snapped back around to socks and sweaters
and the smell of the warm furnace air.

it's spring again.
i am restless again.
it is hard to focus
but then i turn and realize i have forgotten.
 forgotten how much i love the changing of seasons.

it's spring again.
i'm thinking of you again.


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