May 28, 2015

this i hold dear

funny how you can get a roll of film back with images you forgot you captured,
realizing how different things were just a few months ago.
how in such a time, you're a different person.

most of these images i made at the farm.
i've taken to documenting the way things are and will never be again,
the things, places and moments i hold dear.
everything changes so fast.
but the one thing that never seem to change is the farm.
it's always windy and sunny.
empty and vast.  full and hidden.
it doesn't matter where i live or travel, how old i am;
when we get a weekend free, i'm on the farm.
working, relaxing, visiting with the grandparents, exploring, wandering.
the only thing that changes is me,
for i'm a different person each time i visit.
the farm and surrounding community seems to be timeless,
the same way i  remember it from when i was 12
(or any age).
a constant.
a happy place.

shot with Canon FTb, fujifilm 200 (more)

Sweeter Gets the Journey


Carly said...

I think you should know, you're a really great photographer. ♥ Also I just stalked your Instagram a bit because I didn't know it existed for some reason and OH MY GOODNESS ABIGAIL you are such a talented banjo player, I cannot believe my ears and eyes! (And I didn't know playing with the tuning pegs was something you could/are supposed to do while you're playing; that is awesome.)

Lindsay Lane said...

Breathtaking images again, Abigail. I'm following your blog from the start and I've seen you grow so much in such a short time on so many levels. Lovely to see; you are a great artist in picturing life as you see it and taking us along on that journey, too.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Abigail! Some of my favorite memories lead back to farms. My aunt and uncle on my father's side had a farm and my aunt and uncle on my mother's side owned another. Some of my earliest childhood memories involved playing in the barn, pretending that stacked hay bales were a fort and watching my uncle milk the cows. I was older, in my early and mid teens when I visited the other farm. It is there that I walked through the orchard and petted and scratched cows while feeding apples to them, hiked around the land with my dad and flew a large glider airplane that he and I made. Returning to the farm is like shedding a suit and tie and slipping into jeans, loose fitting shirt and your favorite old pair of shoes. You feel at home again, centered and focused.

I visited all three of your sister sites, dear friend, and marveled at many images that I had not seen before. I admire you for expanding your reach across the social media and for keeping in touch with those of us who wait for you here on the blog. Please hug Daisy for me and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Abigail!

Eve said...

It's nice to visit places that seem as if they're frozen in time. While the world around them changes they stay the same. Beautiful writing and photos! I especially love the last one. So beautiful. <3

Sarah Albertson said...

These are beautiful! I too like to take photos to capture things how they were, so years down the road when everything is different, I can still look back and remember what used to be.

Freya said...

These photos are amazing. If I could ever learn to capture a photograph as beautifully as you do I'd be very happy indeed!

MegBird said...

Can I come to visit and we'll prance through those fields together? haha every time I see photos of this place, I start to feel so claustrophobic here in suburbia. The city I live in used to be less crowded. Much more open space. Now everything is being developed into strip malls and neighborhoods with tiny, tiny yards. Anyway, thanks for sharing the beauty.

Charlotte said...

Mmmm... Love this :)


Amy said...

Oh, I love all of your photos! The scenery is so pretty ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Jessica Cangiano said...

It's so incredibly important to have a constant like the farm in your life. It is grounding/centering, often critical to happiness and one's state of mind, and a safe familiar when everything else seems topsy-turvy. I hope dearly that it, or something equally wonderful, is always there for you, sweet Abigail.

Joyful June wishes,
♥ Jessica

Erin C said...

Hello lovely poet friend, it's been too long. I LOVE your new (or possibly not very new) layout, it so complements the things you often express through words. I completely agree with Jessica about the farm being your center point, which is such a wonderful concept-- I have a forest, and couple other places I think of that way too. :) Time really is so liquid, isn't it? I hope your Summer is beginning well.

Abigail said...

OH MY GOODNESS CARLY you totally made my day.
I think you should know, you're a really great gal. Your own blog and your comments are each pieces of art, encouragement and inspiration and i thank you dearly for them.

Abigail said...

as a long time admirer of you and your work, this is a huge, huge compliment.

Abigail said...

This is perfect, Shady. You should write a book. I, for one, would read more about these beautiful places all day if i could.

Abigail said...

If i learn how to dress and draw and communicate as well as you, i think i'd be even happier! Thanks, sweet gal.

Abigail said...

YESyesyes come to Kansas, come to the fields. There are places such as you have described here as well, but it is important. So important to get out into the free. Come to Kansas, we'll take you.

Abigail said...

Thank you, sweet lady. If i lived near a forest, i'm sure it would have such a place in my heart as well, for they sound and are so dreamlike.
Happy Summer, have a great one :)

Joanna Dell said...

Excuse me while I stalk your GORGEOUS film images. *heart eyes* I have so been wanting to start shoot film!

Kim said...

I've found that while I never regret taking "too many photos," I've always regretted not taking photos or not taking enough photos of moments in my life. I love the colors of these photos and the mood that they capture. I especially like the first one with it's lovely depth of field and the furry cat against the gritty textures!


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