Aug 9, 2014

i'm sorry for you, my friend.

so many kids will begin the school year in a few days.
all i can say is;
i'm sorry for them.
school in the beginning of August?
it's still summer!
i would be downright depressed if i had to do school in August
i won't begin until after Labor Day (september).
and that's the way most little schools around here do it.
three whole months of summer.  
that is just the way it has to be.

i'm so, so thankful that i have three more weeks to run wild.
i have to admit that i'm getting a little weary of the blistering heat,
 i'm looking forward to cooler weather and slower days,
but i'm not ready to commit these last months to memory just yet.

so in honor of all the poor kids that will return to 'prison' in a few days,
i've included a song.
I'm Sorry for You My Friend
by Hank Williams Sr.
not only does it go well with my pity for the poor schoolchildren,
its the perfect country beat for lazy summer days,
and my orange-red gingham dress.
(which is from a thrift store last spring,
homemade from the 1950s and has country vibes.)


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Abigail! I'm back from my three week blog break and trip out west. For the first time in my life I had a chance to see landscapes similar to the ones you are always showing us on your blog including plains, fields and those huge wind turbines. I'll be showing pictures of my western adventure in a 3-part blog series which begins tomorrow. Thank you very much for leaving a comment on my 6th anniversary post. You are a great friend!

Kids here in Central Florida must also return to school this month. I agree that it cuts the summer awfully short. When I went to school in Pennsylvania it was the same as where you live. We didn't start the year until after Labor Day.

It's great to see you and Daisy again. I missed you both. You look very pretty in your thrifted dress but then you always do look fantastic. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and your remaining summer vacation and please drop by if you can and check out my blog series How The West Was Fun!

Bethany Carson said...

Love you gingham dress! It is very beautiful!

I too feel sorry for the poor children having to return to prison in just doesn't seem right (I haven't even changed out of my winter coat on blogger profile photo yet)! Good to hear you will be enjoying the summer and roaming free for another month!

Sarah said...

I agree, starting school in September seems a lot more bearable than starting in August. This has been my first free summer in years! I would normally take classes during the summer and the whole thing just felt wrong.

Charlotte said...

That dress is simply divine <3 What a find, I must say. Oh, and you can count me in as a "poor child" lol ;) I'm starting school in August, and guess who (partly) determined that? Me! :)


Sarah said...

Hi Abigail,

Your dress is beautiful- what an amazing find! It appears to have cross-stitch like some vintage aprons, I really like that idea. Your zinnias are lovely! And I enjoyed the song too, old country music is fun. This week I find myself singing Patsy Cline's songs. : )


Lucy said...

Oh I can just imagine how disappointed those poor children are! But I'm glad you at least have some more time to enjoy the season and make the most of it. Really loving your gorgeous dress too, it fits you so beautifully.

Tessie Jayne said...

This post just reminded me how close the end of summer really is :(. But it's even worse for those kids, I'm sure. Starting school in the second week of August is kind of ridiculous. My brother and I used to have to start in the third week or so (probably before, but I forget) so I feel their pain. You're lucky that you have until after labor day, though.
Your dress is so gorgeous, as are your pictures. Love the pink nail polish, too.

Faye Caroline said...

You look so lovely in amongst the flowers ♥
School starting in August is unheard of here, as you say it's really cutting summer short! Although it's the tail end of summer it's often the most summery month and where all my fondest memories of the season are stored year after year.

Anna said...

That's a beautiful dress. Gingham always makes me think "summer." :-)

It's sad that all my teacher friends and family are soon going back to work. Sometimes I miss going back to school this time of year - I was always excited to get back to college. But glad you have some time yet before school!

Anneka said...

Your dress is too sweet. I'm sort of glad i'm no longer at school (I really did miss it for the first year i spent out but I don't anymore.) They also did that here- we'd start the year in early February (as Summer is December-February here) and it was always so hot for the first couple of months back, we all just wanted to be outside enjoying ice creams or at the beach!

Abigail said...

thank you and welcome back :)

Abigail said...

Thank you, Charlotte. i do understand starting 'early' for the purpose of finishing early, i used to do that myself... but now i just can't bring myself to. have a good school year :)

Abigail said...

Thank you so much, Sarah! it does have some cross stitch on it, all hand-stitched. Old country music tunes are some of my very favorites there's just something about that beat... i just love the zinnias, all those colors are so perfect. i was wondering if anyone would know what they were. all credit goes to my mom though!

Hannah Batchelder said...

That dress is divine! And I start school after labor day too! I love homeschooling. XD

Michelle Brooks said...

What a fabulous dress ~ I absolutely adore gingham! I Love how you've situated the photo in the zinnia patch, a perfect summertime barefoot photo. And a well said eloquent piece that sums up pretty much how every kid feels. You may have inspired me to add a music element to my blogging. Music sure does create a mood and convey a feeling.

Abigail said...

oh, i'm glad i could be an inspiration! i agree, sharing a piece of music helps the blogger get a cross a certain feeling through their posts, my intentions exactly :)

MerryColeman said...

I love your gingham dress Abigail! And thank you kindly for leaving sweet compliments on my blog last week! I was meaning to chat back and well.... I do so enjoy reading your blog and learning more about you! Hugs Merry


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