Aug 5, 2014

july miscellaneous

here are a few more photos i made during the month of july and wanted to share.

these unintentionally came out with a bit of a theme to them,
something along the lines of 'all american summer'
or maybe just 'summer afternoon'.
when i look at them
i can hear the murmur of crickets and cicadas
the brush of the soft breeze,
smell the sweet corn in the heavy air.

 this is summer
july 2014.


Lana said...

Love them all of course, especially the first one. The one thing I really miss on my home is a front porch.

Faye Caroline said...

I love them all, particularly the two looking out the window and the fourth one from the bottom. Something about those window shots really pulls me in. I love the hazy sunshine in the last one too.

Bethany Carson said...

Love the pink flowers and the field of sunflowers in the fog. The whole series epitomizes American country life!

Sarah said...

These are wonderful! I love how you photograph seemingly ordinary things, yet they somehow seem to all have a story behind them. My favorite is the one of the colorful folding chair, it looks like a vintage photo!

Lucy said...

It looks like your July was just amazing. I really, really love the picture of the sunflowers and the cornfield. I wish I could just step inside those photographs. And Daisy looks so cute in the fifth picture!

Tanya Jean said...

I love these miscellaneous photos! So beautiful!
xo TJ

Tessie Jayne said...

As always, your pictures are just lovely. This set of photos, however, is especially pretty and interesting. Even the most seemingly vapid and everyday pictures have a unique story behind them (I'm sure) and that's why they're so lovable. My favorites are the porch, the second one (it's so mysterious-looking), the caterpillar, and the second-to-last one with the bottles. Also, I love your hair in the fifth pic :).

Abigail said...

Thanks so much, TJ. They're all just things i've snapped while wandering around or doing yard work. Thank you for the hair compliment, but i'm not that good at stuff like that... that's actually my sister... i guess i should have made note of that, but glad you like it :)

Abigail said...

Thanks, Faye. i really love windows, too. hazy glass and lace curtains are my favorite. i don't know what i'd do if houses didn't have windows to let in the sunshine.

Michelle Brooks said...

You paint a pretty picture with your words & I find your photos just so iconic, simply beautiful. So many striking images! Love the corn, lace curtains, vintage-y lawn chair & biscuits!!!
So what were the folks taking cell phone pictures of?

Abigail said...

Thank you.
they were taking pictures of the sunset. folks in the front row noticed the spectacular sky and everyone getting their phones out and taking pictures was seen by the folks behind them... and so on. it kind of traveled up the seats and i found it rather comical.

Michelle Brooks said...

That is kinda cool and a little funny!


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