Jul 9, 2014

june miscellaneous

I really feel like this past june was one of my favorite months ever.
i didn't go anywhere or do anything spectacular
i didn't even make that many pictures
but my month of june was lovely.
now i'm a little bit sad because june is over, it's the beginning of the end of summer.
june was so wide open
wild and free
the wheat was green, gold, and then gone
the days were not hot 
tiring, but in a good way.

here are a few more photos i took during the month of june and wanted to share.

p.s did you catch me on Teapots and Belles this week?
i was so surprised and delighted to be featured 
i thought Amia had accidentally contacted the wrong blog!

hope your month of june was as enjoyable as mine :)

Happy July :)


Jennifer Rainey said...

I'm glad you had such a great June! Here's to an equally amazing July! As always, your photos are just beautiful. I see so much of my own hometown in these pictures. Really fantastic!


Jessica Cangiano said...

There should be a word, in this vast and varied lexicon of ours for that very feeling when one cannot help but be rocked by a certain distinct melancholy of sorts after a month we adored, be it for reasons grand or simply lovely, comes to an end. I know it well myself, particularly with July and October (my two favourite months of the year), but am certain that at this stage, thirty years into the came, I felt it at least one for each of the dozen months that make up our calendar.

The hidden beauty in feeling this way though is that it helps make us all the more excited for the next June (or whatever month we're sad to see go) and the prospect of it being every bit as endearingly lovely.

♥ Jessica

Tanya Jean said...

All of thees images are absolutely stunning! And how did you get that moon shot?? INCREDIBLE!
xo TJ


Abigail said...

thank you! about the moon, i just made it through a telescope.

Abigail said...

thank you. i took these in my home town or in little places we visited on day trips.
here's to july!

Sarah said...

I had a wonderful June as well! Your photos are lovely and they invoke the very feeling of a hot summer afternoon! I love them! Congratulations on being featured! I'll have to check it out!

Faye Caroline said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely June, your photographs are as beautiful as ever. They always have such a timeless, nostalgic feel to them, you have a real talent.
I loved your interview on Amia's blog too :)

Amia said...

Sweet Abigail, you always take the most lovely photos. You make me want to jump in my car and drive to Kansas because it looks like the most wonderful place to be in the summer. I am so happy that you agreed to be over on my blog for the day :)


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