Jul 6, 2014

The Sunset Project - Week 22

it is a fleeting, illusion of a land
sunsets are.
they look so different from moment to moment
place to place.
I view something totally different than others do even just a town away.
and while the sun is setting in my backyard,
the same fiery ball is rising for a new day somewhere else.
when you see a sunset, cherish it. 
there will be no other display exactly like it again
once the sun slips behind the edge of earth
it is gone.
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Tessie Jayne said...

It's so true that things tend to look different depending on whose viewing it, not just in a physical sense but in an emotional one, too (i.e., someone might be really moved by a sunset while their friend might think it's no different than any other). I think that people should take more time to just stop and look at things more carefully, especially something as simple and beautiful as a sunrise or sunset.

Sarah said...

It is interesting to think that your sunset is someone else's sunrise!

Erin C said...

I love your thoughts and I've felt much the same recently, that I should embrace each sky I see. I've even pulled over driving a few times recently to snap pictures of the sky out my sunroof, and I'm glad of it. :)


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