Jul 3, 2014

Daisy doesn't like saturn missiles.

i know it's been a while since i've shared any sewing projects
but thats because, well,
i haven't been sewing.
blame it on a full life i guess.
or just blame it on summer.
there are so many more wonderful things to be doing instead of sitting inside,
even if its just sitting with Daisy on the front porch,
eating ice cream
watching crazy neighbors set off firecrackers.

Daisy is very good with firecrackers,
she doesn't spook or get scared that much,
but the really big ones that vibrate in my chest and the ear piercing saturn missiles...
well, that's just something she can't take.
it sends her darting under the glider or into my lap.

so anyway,
to my readers here in the US,
happy Independance Day or 4th of July or whatever you like to call it.
i just like to wear patriotic colors, go fishing, eat and think about history.

... and hand Daisy to mom 
so i can go light the saturn missile pack and then the golden willow.
i'm such a traitor, aren't i?

so about the sewing,
it feels so good to get back working with fabric
evenif just for an afternoon it was refreshing,
like being with an old friend.
so if you're looking for a not too authentic but very easy and very cheap pattern,
look no further than this awesome baby.
made this dress in an afternoon it's that wonderful.


Ajax Cochrane said...

Happy 4th Abigail! And I love Saturns as well- but I totally forgot to get some this year, only got M1000s. ;)

Shady Del Knight said...

God bless America, dear Abigail! Several of my blog friends are pet owners and say they are bracing for the nonstop pops coming this long holiday weekend. It's a shame Daisy has to be spooked by those loud noises at her advanced age. Thank goodness she has the security of your protective arms and lap. I take care of two stray cats in my back yard and I'm afraid they might run away when they see the rocket's red glare and hear bombs bursting in air.

Are you saying you made the dress you're wearing in this post? If so, you look very pretty in it. If not, you look very pretty regardless. :) I like your natural pose sitting there in the grass and I love that washtub planter filled with flowers! Gorgeous!

I wish you and sweet fur ball Daisy a safe and happy Independence day, dear friend Abigail!

Aspirer said...

Happy 4th! Your outfit is adorable, I love it!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Very charming outfit! I love it when you can find (or make) a matching little headscarf like this. It takes a look for cute to fabulously coordinated and incredibly charming. I just, actually, won a c. 1960s skirt (that looks 50s, perhaps even 40s) on eBay this week with a matching headscarf (for the super reasonable price of $10 US plus a little more than that again for the shipping to Canada). It's going to be my first such pair and I'm very, very excited for its arrival.

Wishing you a magnificent, fun filled 4th of July, dear gal!
♥ Jessica

Jennifer Rainey said...

What a cute dress!! I love the pattern!

I hope you and Daisy have a wonderful 4th, as well, and that she doesn't get too scared. :)


MerryColeman said...

Love love love your dress! You did a great job! I love the fabric too. Have a wonderful Fourth! Merry from eachlittlebird.blogspot.com

Tessie Jayne said...

I love your dress so much! It's perfect for Fourth of July, too. You look so pretty and summery (and Daisy looks adorable, as usual). I hope you have a great Fourth of July!!

Lucy said...

That is a really beautiful dress, Abigail! I can't believe you made it in one afternoon - that would take me a two weeks! I hope you are making the most of your Summer. And Daisy sounds and looks just like the cutest little pup. Love it when she is in your pictures!

ivette said...

I love sewing too...wish I had more time for it..I used to have all the time in the world but now with this second job I rarely get the time to sew.. I miss it...
cute dress!... looks like a lovely day. take care!

Abigail said...

yes, i did make this dress. i apologize for not making this very clear. thank you for your sweet compliments.
the washtub is my mom's work and idea and i do trust you had a great 4th.

Hannah Batchelder said...

I love your 4th of July outfit! It's so adorable (and warm weather friendly too). The sunnies and scarf go perfectly. I am not a sewer but can't count the times where I wish I was. Really the only way to get that perfect vintage dress is to make it yourself because it's so hard to find one that fits.


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