Feb 14, 2016


before i cut my hair;
i set pin-curls one last time,
and used kool-aid to dye a strand of it green
(tucked quietly away against the back of my neck).
it was my birthday,
i wore a dress and new shoes out in the cold, cold wind.
we drive the frozen dirt road
 to a bridge over the interstate,
get out and try to make pictures of the road and the cars,
try not to slip on the ice,
try to not blow away in the wind.

my hair is shorter now
(the soft green now long faded).
the sun shines gold, the wind doesn't blow as cold.
time runs together and rosy days stand out.
music is played and new songs are learned
but the old ones aren't forgotten.

there is so much new
in this new year.
and this girl ran to the new year with open arms,
abandoning the skidding brakes/bittersweet nostalgia.

and i'm loving it.

(p.s. speaking of  'new' and 'changes', i've been spiffing this place up a bit in my spare time, have a look around!)


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