Feb 23, 2016


"i don't like it when books or movies are like; 
'she saw things differently from others.'" she said.
but the thing is, 
i think we all do
(see things differently from others).
maybe we're all deep thinkers.
and we approach things from different corners. 
and some catch on naturally to things,
but not so easy to others.

we are red noses and hunched shoulders
with heavy coats and sniffling noses.
'nice day for a walk', he reaches into the bed of the old red pickup.
i smile and call back as i pass; 'not too bad'.
he chuckles. sarcasm.
and we go on our way.
but i meant it. i like the cold.
it makes me feel present.
it makes me feel alive.

a few weeks later and he appears in a doorway.
'how about these nice days we're having?' 
the grin is broad. he squints in the sun.
'they say this is gonna last through the week?' i smile back 
'ohh i sure hope so,' 
 i walk on in my red shoes, but don't necessarily agree.

i see the similarities in things.
she finds and points out the differences.
i type out mini novels,
she sends blurry snaps of boys
and one word texts, one after the other. 

and maybe the beauty of things
is the blessing of finding ones who share the same differences.
or who show us new ones.


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