Nov 23, 2014


you missed it.
i watched you from my second story window.
you walked from the house
eyes glued to your phone
got in your car and drove away.
did not look at the sky.
you missed it.
you see me on the street corner
my lens pointed to the west.
you look at me in confusion.
you missed it.

God gives us a multitude of blessings every day.
big and small.
weather its tangible
or fading light rays on wisps of clouds.
and we miss them.

^Sunday, November 16, 2014
^Monday, November 18, 2014
^Tuesday, November 18, 2014
^Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Thursday, November 20, 2014
^Friday, November 21, 2014
^Saturday, November 22, 2014


arushee bhoja said...

These are such pretty sunsets! Beautiful words, too <3

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear Abigail! Just imagine if every one of us took part in a Sunset Project. Think of the infinite variety of skyscapes we would share. It's sad that so many people young and old have their faces in electronic devices these days and rarely notice the natural beauty that surrounds them. I am very thankful that you notice and care enough to preserve these Kansas sunsets for us every week. Sunday's and Tuesday's are magnificent displays with the sun acting as an uplighter lamp and golden orange light bouncing off ribbons of cloud. Friday and Saturday must have been dark and gloomy but days like those and the rains they bring are essential components in the natural scheme of things. That, too, is beautiful.

Thank you for ending my weekend on a very positive note, dear friend Abigail. Please hug your little fluff ball Daisy and have a safe and happy week ahead!

Bethany Carson said...

Good words on paying attention and noticing the beauty of God's creation! I like the Tuesday shot best :)

Sarah said...

Wonderful words! In this busy life it can be too easy to forget to pay attention to what's around you. There's a wonderful world out there if you just stop and look around!

Carly (Zauberbear) said...

I love the little bit you wrote with these. It's so true, you know how many people miss the most beautiful sunsets? Race to the most wide open space you can find when the sky turns pink. It should be an unspoken rule; can you imagine crowds gathering at the same old fields to watch the sunset when it's especially gorgeous?

Shady Del Knight said...

NOT FOR PUBLICATION: Dear Abigail, don't publish this comment. Consider it an "email." I wanted you to know that I just found your lovely follow-up comment on my previous post and replied to it. Thank you, dear friend, for being so great and so supportive to me. God bless you!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Isn't that hauntingly true? So many people are too focused on the mini suns we carry around in our pockets or sit in front of for hours on end at home to even so much as glance up from the glare and appreciate the wondrous magnificence and unending power of nature (anytime of the day).

♥ Jessica

Maria Gonçalves said...

This photos are just so lovely!! I love seeing the sunrise and the sunset :) Thanks for the kind words and your blog is really nice and cosy!!

MegBird said...

"You missed it."

ooof. This speaks volumes to the innermost parts of me. It encapsulates how I feel around...well, the vast majority of people.


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