Nov 20, 2014

autumn adventures along the big muddy

aka, the Missouri river.

i love the west.
but there is something inside of me...
something that wants to get wonderfully lost in the woods
the hollows and winding humid rivers.
something about the southeast part of my country calls my heart.

i know there's a lot of pictures here
and some are of things that were in my october video.
but these are from a place with lots of trees 
(i'm fascinated by that)
and lots of waters and hills and vegetation
(further fascinated).
these pictures are not even half of them.
my days there were just so wonderful
but here are some favorites.
most are accidents and taken while driving around.
they're also not edited or anything,
these are pretty close the the actual scenes/colors. 

the missouri river is one of my favorites.
this is a land so rich in history and geographical differences.
all of the history surrounding it is amazing.
there are indian mounds and trails from old explorers hundreds of years old.
(think; daniel boone and lewis and clark)
and has sent me scurrying for books on this subject.
i am fascinated by the way rivers carve out a land
making a simple visit into an exciting trip to remember.

"It is a thoroughly masculine river, a burly, husky, bulldozer of a stream which has taken on the biggest job of moving dirt in North America." -S. Vestald

"What Boone saw when he crossed the Missouri that October was a river so muddy it looked at times fecal, sometimes bloody. The wild Missouri must have thrilled Boone as it had thrilled the Indians and explorers and would thrill Lewis and Clark, and the mountain men and immigrants coming after them.  However dark and menacing it's currents, the rivers waters had been snow on brilliant peaks, dripped from spruce trees, had been touched by western indians and grizzly bears."
-R. Morgan


Carly (Zauberbear) said...

Goodness gracious me oh my oh, those changing leaves. ♥ I've never set foot in any southeastern states, but I think someday I'm gonna have to to get a glimpse of this scenery.

Toi said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but I'm so glad I did. I'm a Kansas girl also. I live in Wichita, but moved here about three years ago from Kansas City. In fact, my home in Kansas City is only about 5 minutes away from that 3rd picture up there!
Your blog is stunning. The simplicity and beauty is breath taking. You make me fall in love with this beautiful state all over again. And looking at those pictures up there make me home sick for that part of the state and Missouri. I have loved looking through your pictures and seeing places I recognize. Only you have made them even more beautiful through your lense. Your October video is just amazing.
I can't believe all this talent is in someone so young. You, are going to take the world by storm!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear Abigail! I greatly admire your love of travel, how you are enraptured by the natural world, the rivers, trees and hills, along with the roads, bridges, train tracks and other forms of man made infrastructure that run through them. These pictures are astounding and I hope everyone takes the time to click and enlarge and click again to macro size. Many of these scenes are suitable for framing, especially the ones that show trees ablaze with brilliant red, orange and yellow autumn leaves. How true it is that a river is much more than meets the eye. Its origins are snow capped mountain peaks and raindrops falling from evergreens and countless men and beasts have used it for transportation and sustenance over the centuries. Your eyes have seen the glory, dear friend Abigail and, thanks to you, so have we.

Today is my 65th birthday and your post brought great joy to me. It is a gift and so are you. I am thankful that there are young people like you in the world. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Abigail!

MegBird said...

When I looked at these photos, I thought, "Ah, the colours!" And I thought it with the "u".

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a spellbindingly beautiful autumn journey. I love how you've captured such a broad range of the season's hues and most charming elements. The seasons were just beginning to switch hands when we ventured to Vancouver Island at the start of fall and I adored how on the way home, two weeks later, we were properly into my favourite time of the year. Returning home under the watchful eye of countless autumnal hued trees was a treat that I won't soon for get, just as I'm certainly you'll recall this wonderful adventure.

♥ Jessica

arushee bhoja said...

Your photography is so beautiful! You've captured the spirit of autumn so well :) Love your blog!

arushee |

Lana said...

Once you've learned to love the South there's no other place like it. I've yet to travel to Missouri, far northwest Arkansas was as close as I got. Lovely, lovely country.

Hannah Batchelder said...

Wow these pictures are lovely! This place really reminds me of TN from the historical downtown to the large, southern mansions, to the barn with the quilt patch. :) However, we do not have a river nearly as impressive as that. :D It's truly amazing, the way that the Lord put so much beauty here for us to enjoy.

Sarah said...

Your photos make me feel like I am right there in the car, exploring the land! I love learning about the history behind the places I go, it is crazy to think about all the people who have been there before me, and what events took place there. That is such a neat structure in the 7th photo from the bottom!

Abigail said...

oh you should! it's such a beautiful place i know you would love it.

Abigail said...

oh wow! thank you so very much for stopping by. how neat is it that you know and recognize many of my subjects! i just found that fascinating.
thanks a bunches for your sweet words and compliments. they mean i lot! :D

Abigail said...

thank you so much for the thorough reading and observance of my photography. thank you also for expounding and enjoying the natural wonders of creation that i present.
and a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well! i hope you had a wonderful one :D

Abigail said...

i hear exactly what you're saying! its just plain amazing to dive into the deep history of the land. Also, the photo you mentioned is an old railroad bridge over the river that isn't used anymore. it's the same one that is the subject in many pics throughout this post, but from different angles/places.

Abigail said...

aw, thank you so much, dear!

Abigail said...

true. it's just so amazing and nothing is quite the same. hope that someday you'll get to go into the Show Me State :D


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