Nov 4, 2014

dance right there on the spot

i've been very much in a  1960s mood lately.
the music just plain old makes me feel good
even though it's cold and cloudy
(which i actually kind of like.)

the Monkees and Beach Boys are my bands today.
this is something that changes often
but for right now
they are all i am hearing.

something i am normally very nervous about
(and always am like, that wasnt so bad afterwords)
is doctor appointments.
i don't have them often, for which i'm glad.
but on the way to the eye doctor this morning;
i was so jamming out to today's bands.
when we went in i had a smile on my face
and it was the easiest appointment ever.
(maybe i should try that more often?)

i'm also feeling good because i went to the big library in town.
they have a lot more books and more variety than ours.
another reason i feel good is the ice cream i ate today.
and daisy is feeling good because i'm home :)


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi Abigail! Looks like little Daisy was dancing right along with you! Now you know why I consider myself lucky to have been a teenager all through the 60s. There's no denying that the music was great. It made you feel good, made you feel alive, made you wanna dance dance dance right there on the spot. Following your blog is a magical experience. You are like one of my fellow 60s teenagers who has time traveled to the future and is keeping the spirit of our youth alive and well in the new millennium. It's the same thing I'm trying to do with my blog. The only difference is that I am a 60s teenager trapped inside an older man. Please remember that you and I get the same rush, the same good vibrations, from listening to these Beach Boys and Monkees classics. You are anchored to these favorite songs. A month from now other artists, groups and bands might be the only ones your ears can hear. Don't fight it. Go with it. Let the river flow. The same happens to me. It's cyclical. It's all good. You are assembling an internal music library, a variety of songs you can play in your head even when you aren't anywhere near the radio or a music player. Your favorite tunes are tools you can use, a natural remedy that can alter your mood when you're down and get you right back up on top again. I learned in my seminar training that you cannot stay depressed when you are smiling, dancing and having fun. It's simply impossible. I love to see you happy. This post puts me on top, Abigail. Thank you!

Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend!

Lyssa said...

Cloudy weather is lovely! Glad you were able to find what keeps your spirits up when you feel down : ) We were dancing to Postmodern Jukebox in my house. Oh, and My Little Pony songs, because I have a two year old ; )

Jessica Cangiano said...

Though I was born in 1984, I very much grew up in a house filled with the music of my parent's youth and that meant 1960s and 70s tunes were in heavy, near daily rotation. Thankfully, I adored most of them and they've remained firm favourites of mine to this very day (swirled into the mix of my very, very eclectic taste in my music - as in most areas of my life, really). Many is the day you can see me rocking a 40s frock or 50s suit and tapping my toes to everyone from Led Zeppelin to Chicago, The Who to CCR. As much as I do madly love 30s-50s music, that of the 60s and 70s had a certain sort of ingrained poetic, wild, energetic soul that has, and likely will never, be matched and there's no way I could go more than a few days without a hit of it.

♥ Jessica

*PS* I have had hundreds of doctors appointments over the years (mostly since becoming chronically ill at age 18) and get so worried and stressed about them as well. You'd think things would become easier for me on that front as time rolls on, but in fact the opposite is true (in part because I've had many unpleasant, and a few flat out nightmarish, experiences amongst all of those visits that further fuel my dr.'s office anxiety). I'm sorry that you feel that way, too, and am always here if you need someone to talk to about it (or anything).

Hannah Batchelder said...

Hah! You should have seem me when I started playing that music. I caught myself bobbing my head, then my shoulders inadvertently going up and down, then I gave up and all out danced right here in my seat. XD Thanks for the mini dance party. Made my day. :D

Sarah said...

These pictures are so neat! I love how they show the motion, I bet this was a really fun photo shoot! I am always nervous about doctors appointments too, maybe I should try your advice next time!

Amia said...

This is such a fun post! I just had to get up and dance with you! I tend to think of the beach boys as a "summer" band (I tend to separate my music by the seasons), but listening to that song just made me so happy! They would be a good distraction to make yourself less nervous about your eye appointment. Ice cream and books always make things better too :)


MegBird said...

I LOVE these photos. So much, I love them! They even feel 1960's. Not that I'd know, but...

Faye Caroline said...

I love The Monkees so so much, they always cheer me up and make me want to dance too :)

Lana said...

Definitely all good stuff to listen to. I'm like that I swing from Dolly Parton and Jerry Reed to Janis Joplin and ZZ Top to more modern stuff like The Civil Wars and Pink. My husband says I have music schizophrenia. LOL

Abigail said...

why, thank you so much, Shady. I did enjoy reading this comment, your kind words put me right on top :)

Abigail said...

i totally understand your music tastes.
thank you so much for your kind words and concern, Jessica.

Abigail said...

wooo hoo, you go girl. your comment just made MY day :)

Abigail said...

yay! i'm so happy to hear about everyone dancing. i'm glad you liked it!

Abigail said...

yep, i totally understand. your list of music sounds a lot like mine. hey, were not music snobs.

Lucy said...

Oh I love this post and the feeling that you describe! There is nothing like happy, boppy 1960's music to just put you in a good, carefree mood. I love listening to The Monkees when I feel like a dance as well. The Hollies are another that I like to spin records of or early music from The Rolling Stones with Brian Jones. And I'm definitely picking up on the 60's vibes in your pictures!

Tessie Jayne said...

I really haven't listened to either group you've mentioned, but I think that songs from the 60s (and earlier eras, even) really have such a happy carefree feeling about them. It's kind of funny how music can affect people's moods like that (my family keeps singing a song we saw on an old TV show and we couldn't stop laughing :).
And yes--I absolutely HATE going to the doctor's, it's just so weird for me. I'm glad you kept positive throughout it, though, and that you've been so happy and "dance-y"!


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