Oct 30, 2014

adventures in film photography

there is something wonderfully romantic about film.
holding the canister
loading and snapping
setting each exposure manually.
and then end result
oh my goodness the end result.
the nervous excitement
the waiting.
will they be good? 
over exposed?
does the camera even work?
(i know the shutter works and the knobs turn
but the camera could be seriously messed up inside).

so i finally did it, folks.
i got my first roll of film developed since...
i was little and digital was just an expensive, newfangled thing.
i've always loved film pictures
but i'm not rich.
old cameras, film and processing is kinda expensive.
but film and i were meant to be.
a run down garage sale camera
and random thrift store film
(each just a few dollars)
sealed the deal.
the light meter is broken, but nevermind
(there's an app for that).
yes, i'm that girl you saw running out of wallgreens
smiling like a fool
diving into the car.

i've always said that my pictures are pieces of me.
these pieces i can hold in my hand.

 film: 35mm Kodak 200
camera: Canon FTb QL (1971)


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Abigail! it makes me very happy to see this first set of pictures taken with your old garage sale camera, especially since cute little Daisy was one of your subjects. In this modern age most people assume that faster and easier automatically means better. Often the opposite is true. There is value in good honest work. A task done the old fashioned way, one that requires more time, effort and waiting, can reap greater rewards than one that is completed quickly and offers instant gratification. Examples of doing things the old fashioned way include growing your own crops, making a meal from scratch, walking up stairs instead of taking an elevator or escalator and using a real broom instead of a leaf blower to whisk off your porch and driveway.

My father was a lifelong shutterbug and took pictures the same way you are doing - experimenting with exposures, shooting a roll, dropping it off at a drug store and waiting several days for the film to be developed. When he brought the finished prints home the whole family sat at the dining room table and passed them around. I know that you and your old camera will spend many happy hours together. Going retro like you are doing in so many aspects of your life is good for your soul, Abigail. I am overjoyed!

I hope your week is going splendidly and will only get better. Please pet and cuddle little Daisy and give her a treat for me.

Carly (Zauberbear) said...

Oh my goodness, they came out so beautiful! The clothesline shot and the flowers are my favorite. I LOVE shooting film, when I can afford it. I'm still learning how to use my Pentax K1000, but it's so exciting when I have my hands on it. :)


Lyssa said...

I love doing things the "slow" way! That's why writing letters and journaling and playing a musical instrument and knitting are all special for me : ) These pictures of yours are lovely; they would make great photos for postcards!

Emma Declerck said...

All these photos look great!
A friend and I have also used an old camera for a while and those photos were so much better, it looks like they contain more 'life', I don't know how I can say it on an other way.
The way you made the photos that are on your blog is so nice! You're doing a great job!
Emma ~

Bethany Carson said...

Lovely photos! Film does have something special about it!

Hannah Batchelder said...

So cool! Lovely pictures too. Seems as though film is the thing for you! :)

MegBird said...

Ugh, you make me want to go out and buy a film camera right this second! There is something so delicate about film. I think my favorite is that one of the clothes line? But they're all gorgeous.

Also, I laughed so hard at your comment about the Giants! haha honestly I was completely indifferent to sports of any kind before I married my husband. That was his hoodie originally, but, you know. I steal things. Are you a fan of rival of theirs?

Tessie Jayne said...

Abigail, these are just so gorgeous and lovely. The shots with the flowers and birdbath(?) are my absolute favorites, because they kind of remind me of when I used to go to a relative's house when I was little. You should definitely take more pictures like this, and share them because they're so wonderful!

Indy O'Hara said...

I adore the shot of the light on the curtains! So lovely. Shooting a real film camera always intimidates me, but I love having a disposable camera in my bag always!

Sarah said...

Your photos turned out wonderful! I definitely think one or two film photos are worth about a hundred digital ones. I have shot a bunch of rolls of film but have been hording them away, nervous to get them developed. Now I am inspired to just go for it and see what I get. I look forward to seeing what film photos you take next!

ivette said...

I like the way you are so passionate about film and photography... it's great to have that one special passion towards an activity... not many people have that you know... embrace it, enjoy it, explote it

Abigail said...

what a beautiful tale, what great memories those are, thank you for sharing and commenting.

Abigail said...

i understand what you're saying, Emma. and thank you.

Abigail said...

oh wow, thank you. i loved the lighting and birdbath subject of the day i took them. glad it brings good memories.

Abigail said...

disposable is good! i love to carry them too. it's such a nice change to have a tangible photo of a special moment.

Abigail said...

oh do get some processed, i can't wait to see it.
thank you, Sarah.

Charlotte B. said...

These are SO GOOD! How exciting you got to play with film! That's a dream of mine to do some day... :D


Lucy said...

The pictures turned out so great! I can imagine how much fun it was taking these and the anticipation of getting them developed. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to hold your pictures in your own two hands. I bet you will treasure them.

Amia said...

Your film photos turned out beautifully! There is such an art to doing film photography because you can't just erase and take it again, your photos are much more unique.


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