Sep 25, 2014

september things (life lately + outfit)

sister made applesauce bread
which smells and tastes like autumn
(if autumn were edible.)

where i sit and do my studies is beside a big window.
every morning as i work,
sunlight streams in onto the table and my books.
Daisy sits in her little bed and keeps watch.

lots of cheap finds lately.
old books, maps and film cameras.
they all fuel my imagination, wandering spirit and creative vision.

I recently started running again.
I've always walked a lot
but wanted to go faster.
so i started jogging a bit.
its liberating to go fast.

i'm back into sewing after a crazy busy summer.
it relaxes me so i work before bedtime.
i'm really loving soft floral prints
and easy, carefree vintage dresses.
(dress shown is from Simplicity 0981 and 1880)

last week, an event i had to be at got cancelled.
i got my backpack, packed a sandwich, charged my camera
and took off the next morning.
we were away for the day, but back by evening.
homebody/restless adventurer. 
that's how i roll, people.

i found some flowers and leaves in an book.
they were from our old house before we moved.
i remember them, my beloved trees and flowers.
it was like reconnecting with an old friend.
i glued and hung them on my wall
and then went out and picked new ones.

thank you for all the wonderful replies last time.
it has been interesting to see what inspires each of you,
and you have been inspiring me with the wonderful things you told me :)


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Abigail! I love your new header. If it's not new then please forgive me, I am just now noticing it and appreciating the brilliance of its simplicity. I also appreciate your description of your sister's applesauce bread, that it "smells and tastes like autumn (if autumn were edible)." Few people express themselves so eloquently or even think of such things, dear friend. You look simply lovely in your outfit. It suits you and your lifestyle. Seeing Daisy curled up in her little blue bed reminds me of Toto. My beloved canine friend had a doggie bed just like it except that it was brown. I hope everyone clicks to enlarge the picture of Daisy with her tongue sticking out of her mouth. So cute! That display of old flower petals and leaves mounted on your wall will give you many hours of pleasure and will bring a flood of memories of your old home every time you gaze at them.

Thank you for another colorful and enjoyable slice of your life, dear friend Abigail. I wish you and Daisy a wonderful Friday and a safe and happy weekend!

Bethany Carson said...

The pumpkin bread looks delicious! Wish I could have a slice now...Have a beautiful autumn!

Lucy said...

The applesauce bread looks and sounds just delicious. I've never heard of it before, I am off to find a recipe now! Lovely to hear that you are doing some sewing again and running really does feel liberating, doesn't it? Always very nice to see those beautiful flowers pinned to the wall, I love how you said that coming across them was like greeting an old friend.
Like the new blog header too!

Alyssa said...

That dress is adorable! You have a great style.

Alberto Hugo Rojas said...


Sarah said...

That bread sounds delicious! I am always saying things like that: "This tastes like autumn, or this tastes like Christmas.." I do enjoy running too, I ran a lot at the beginning of summer until it just got too hot, I need to start back up again now that it's cooler.

Tessie Jayne said...

You must be having such a great September! Everything you just described, to me, seems like the perfect autumn. I kind of miss the old header with Daisy, but this new design is gorgeous, and it compliments your pictures so much better. The flowers and leaves came out really well, and I love that idea. Your dress is wonderful, too, and I love it when you share your projects. They're always so beautiful!

Lana said...

Loving your dresses and would also love to see the recipe for that bread! I'm really enjoying hand quilting my first quilt . Also envying your finds my recent shopping trips have all been duds.

MegBird said...

I love that you seem to be always finding little ways to be creative.

Abigail said...

yes, it is new. just trying out some different things, just for fun. Thank you

Abigail said...

thank you, Bethany! have a wonderful autumn as well

Abigail said...

it was very yummy. one note: the recepie used called for 1 and 1/4 cups of applesauce, but we only had one cup on hand so she used a quarter cup of apple butter. the apple butter is what really made it autumn tasting.


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