Aug 13, 2014

every summer evening at 7:30

during the summer
every night at about 7:30 to 8:00
magic happens.

(all i can say is 
Thank You God
for such beautiful creation 
even in my own backyard.
for i enjoy it and marvel at it so.)

the sun slides to an angle
touching everything perfectly with hazy golden rays.
everything is quiet and still and calm,
but so alive and pulsing with life.
the humid air begins to cool
little critters scurry about,
bugs buzz 
jumping out of the way as i tramp through the grass.
flowers bob their heads, 
their petals illuminated,
sisters' hair is teased by the breeze and caught by the sun
making it look like strands of fire.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Abigail! Few people old or young see the world around them the way you do. You take time to probe the nooks and crannies, finding beauty and wonder everywhere you look. Your curiosity, your powers of observation and your passion enable you to take incredible pictures like these, any one of them suitable for framing.

In the first picture, Daisy seems to be telling a joke. My other favorites here are the bales, the long shadows creeping across the cemetery, the last rays of the day's sun kissing the silo, light playing with bean pods, weathered door, Daisy portrait, bricks on trash can and sunlight bathing human hair.

I love your pictures, dear Abigail, and I admire you for paying attention to all the little treasures that are to be found right there in your back yard.

Lana said...

Love the picture of the hay bales. That's something that I really miss. I miss getting up early, driving a tractor all day, and looking behind you to see the product of a day well spent.

Bethany Carson said...

Really enjoyed the photo of the hay bales and the puppy--he is so cute! You captured the day beautifully!

Hannah Batchelder said...

Lovely pictures, as always. :)

Tessie Jayne said...

There really is such a special feeling about things, and all it takes for stuff like that to happen is small things, like the sun being in a certain position or the wind blowing a certain way. The first picture and the last picture are really cool, I love the lighting and how Daisy is smiling in the first one :)

Sarah said...

I love how long the evenings last in the summer, and it definitely has a wonderful feeling! I am excited for fall to start, but I also get a melancholy feeling at the same time because I don't want summer to end.

Michelle Brooks said...

I agree, 7:30 is a lovely time to get outside and take a walk with your camera to take advantage of that magic hour. I have an alarm set on my phone as a reminder to do just that! I refer to it as my moonflower walk because these amazingly huge flowers I grow only bloom at twilight towards the end of summer when everything looks so much more beautiful. Loved reading your poetic words. Thank you for the reminder.
It's just about that time now...


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