Jul 16, 2014

ain't nothing like those summer road trips.

in summer i'm less introverted.
i want to go
i want to see things
meet interesting people.
winter is for cuddling up and reading good books.
summer is for exploring, happy music and even more good books.

i cannot think of a full weekend i've spent at home this summer.
i've been at the farm, festivals,
family outings, the lake.
most of these are day trips.
my family is the best at day trips.
mom picks a town that might have good thrift stores,
dad finds stops at little points of interest along the way.
we eat off dollar menus and visit wal-mart stores we've never been to.
we return home at dark 
eat ice cream and sit on the back porch.

if i'm ever late posting a my sunset pictures
or go for days on end without posting at all,
just know that i'm out on one of my summer road trips
(and that you could be doing the same)


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi again, dear Abigail! You are lucky to have parents who help you plan day trips and accompany you on them so that you can all make memories together. As you know there are countless children and teenagers who wish they had your kind of life but do not have two devoted parents or the means to leave the city, hit the road and see America's natural wonders.

You and whoever else is taking these pictures has a superb eye for composition. I don't know of any other photographic artist who pays so much attention to things like the texture of asphalt concrete, stone and other construction materials. Whether the subjects are man made or all natural, they are wonderful images now preserved here in the journal that is your blog.

I'll still be around a few more days before my 3 week vacation begins and I will come back over here to comment if you publish again before my Sunday cutoff. However, if this is our last communication until I return in early August then I wish you good times and much happiness until we meet again, dear friend Abigail. Please give Daisy a smooch for me!

Faye Caroline said...

What a beautifully idyllic way to spend the summer! I think many people think that to go on a day trip you have to go to see "a thing" which as you prove isn't necessary at all, just exploring is fun in itself. Travelling far just to go to thrift shops and such things is one of my favourite activities too, how completely lovely that you get to experience such simple pleasures with family. I'm quite jealous I must admit!

Lana said...

I love the pictures of the church and that field in image number 4. I think my favorite trips are day trips. It doesn't matter that you're seeing the same old things or something new it's all in your perspective.

Jennifer Rainey said...

I, too, love those fantastic summer day trips! My boyfriend and I love taking similar trips. Normally we'll pick a certain part of the state, get up early and get breakfast, then head out and visit all the antique stores in that area. It's so nice to be on your own, lazy schedule, just exploring for the fun of it. That's what summer is all about, I think. ;) Beautiful photos, as always! You're so great at capturing a certain mood with your photos!


Lisa said...

Love this post and those gorgeous photos. Can't beat summer for day trips and adventures-- glad to hear you're doing yours up right! :D

Tessie Jayne said...

It looks like you've been having a great time! I love all the road trip pictures, especially the fourth one, the church and the sunset, and the trees and the lake(?). I'm happy to know you're having a fun summer :).

ivette said...

I agree with you... I've always felt that summer's for exploring, having fun in the sun, stepping out, trying new things... and winter's for cuddling and staying indoors...NOT that it makes it bad, on the contrary, I love winter too because of it... I can rest and relax and watch movies by the fireplace, have hot cocoa and cookies and christmas and scarves and blankets, yum!... it's as if summer was the day and winter the night... does it make sense? haha anyway, do enjoy your adventures!... and after that, come back and share them to us...we'll be waiting ;)

Lucy said...

So glad to see that you are filling your summer up with happy times and brilliant memories! Enjoy it all, Abigail!

Alberto Hugo Rojas said...

beautiful place and de colurs of your pics


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