May 29, 2014

ain't got trouble now

it is officially summer.
everything outside is green
the sun is hot
Memorial Day has come and gone
and my junior year of high school is now history.
i was feeling a bit reflective over some graduations i went to
(my goodness, was it really that long ago we were third graders,
running around being crazy together?)
but there is dappled shade
bright sunlight and a full, exciting summer ahead.
my first week of summer vacation i've been working a lot,
but its fun and not hard when you get paid.

i always wake up early in summer.
mostly because i don't have to.

i've also noticed that everyone around me views summer as a break from school.
i do, too,  but in a different way.
they see summer as a break,
i see it as the way life is supposed to be.
in my mind, school is just for the duration until it's summer again.
life is lived during summer.

here's a tune i've had in my head all spring.
it might not be the most wholesome,
but its catchy
and you can't go wrong with bluegrass.

happy summer 
lets make it a good one.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear Abigail & Daisy! I enjoyed the Alan Jackson song. I started it playing then scrolled down through your collection of pictures, creating what I like to call a "poor man's music video." Your brain can't help marrying the pictures to the music and song lyrics, creating a unique artistic experience.

How well I remember the summer that followed my junior year of high school - the summer of 1966. I consider it the greatest summer of my life and often call it "the endless summer" because it seemed like the good times would never end.

You look very pretty in that green dress and these are wonderful pictures of Daisy. In addition, this post features more of your trademark compositions which offer a sampling of life in America's heartland.

You are made of all natural ingredients, kiddo, and it's a pleasure to know you. See that last picture? The summer of 2014 is stretching out before you as far as the eye can see. I hope it will be your endless summer, the greatest of your life.

Ajax Cochrane said...

Beautiful photos as always! Here's to the summer of 2014, may it not be hot as... blazes. You and Daisy both look cute together ;)

Samantha Joan said...

Oh goodness. This is so perfect. Makes me just want to curl up with friends around the campfire in the country forever.

Sarah Potts said...

Such a sweet pup!! I also love your spotty dress, so sweet! X

Sarah said...

Isn't it funny how much easier it is to wake up early when you don't have to? Something about the warm weather and the chirping birds makes me excited to start the day! Your photos capture perfectly those hot carefree summer afternoons; my favorite one is the third one down of the flag! Happy summer! :D

Hannah Batchelder said...

I love that dress! Summer is the best, isn't it? My summer work is gardening, which I love despite the hard work in the hot sun. And then you have a sense of pride in your hard work when it is done and you harvest. How old is your house? That windowsill picture made it look of the craftsmanship of another era. It's very sweet with the flowers, lace curtains, and flag. :)

Jessica Boyer said...

You certainly couldn't have put it better–"In my mind, school is just for the duration until its Summer time again. Life is lived during Summer."! I love that so much, and you ought to know that I will be thinking of that all Summer long now.

Odd how we tend to think of school as the mane core of life when we are young and still have years ahead of us before we can be released into the wide open beyond. I know I did. But, now that I have spent a whole year from school, (graduated last year from High School) I can honestly say that you are so right about "life is lived during Summer", or else life is lived outside of school. I have had time to plan my own things, take a bigger shove into homemaking, and sing oh so much more; all without a care in the world for some test I have to pass. Life was good when I was tide down with academics, but it is even better now. We have to remember though, if it weren't for what we learned, we would never be prepared for the chapter of life that comes after the learning.

Thanks for such a sweet post!


The eldest sister & singer

Mary Stackhouse said...

Hi doll! Thanks for your sweet words on my post. Your shots here are gorge - esp the American flag one and this last shot. Do you have an Instagram account? I think with your interest in photography, you would love it! xx

Michelle Brooks said...

Summer is just so much more ALIVE! Everything is growing, blooming, buzzing. The days are longer to fit in more fun activities like gardening, swimming, ice cream and BBQ! Whereas winter is the opposite. Growing things go dormant and other living things hibernate waiting for the warm sun again. I enjoyed reading your words & looking at your gorgeous photos. Nice shots of the flag + I like checking out your terrific outfits & cutie pie puppy dog. The last pic is my fav because it's colors, shadow & light. To me it says, Yay. Summer!

Sean MacKenzie said...

Awe, I love your sweet little Daisy!

Lydia said...

Love your green dress and curls in the top photo. :) Life IS lived during summer. I'm pretty excited about it too.

Megha Sarin said...

Soo cute your pooch the green dress..


Abigail said...

hi Mary, and thank you. No i do not have an account, but i do like to look around at others shots from time to time :)

Abigail said...

Hi Hannah, thank you for your sweet words. Our house was built int 1914, its 100 years old this year! i really love it.

Amia said...

I love this. You are exactly right, life is lived during summer :)

Hannah Batchelder said...

Wow, that is so cool! There's just something about old houses...definitely gonna try to score one when I have my own.


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