Apr 30, 2014

april miscellaneous

miscellaneous photos i took during april 
and haven't shared but wanted to
these images have not been edited or adjusted
mostly because i'm a bit lazy
and also because they came out the way i wanted them
i do feel i need to mention
i never have edited my miscellaneous or sunset posts
and most of my editing is just using a vintage filter
so there
enjoy :)

while in the library
found an 'old' magazine from 2001...

before my Easter dress was a dress
1960s pattern found at thrift store
belt and fabric found on same day
both 'thrifted'
both a dollar
i felt so special 

apricot tree!

old theatre

(please feel free to click any image to enlarge)

and last but not least...
the dust mop-

hope you had a good April
happy spring
happy May  :)


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Abigail! That's right. April 2014 is about to go into the history books and the year is whizzing by. This is a wonderful assortment of pictures taken by you during the month. Some show spring trying to gain a foothold while winter stubbornly refuses to release its grip. My favorites are the sunset behind railroad tracks, the brilliant blue sky above an abandoned building, the dramatic sky with the rays of the sun streaming from behind a dark cloud, tree branches coming alive with foliage above a weather beaten barn, ladybug on leaf, raindrops on window and the cutest little dust mop in America... Daisy.

Thank you very much, dear friend Abigail. I hope you continue to escape the wrath of tornadoes this season. My prayers are with you. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Ajax Cochrane said...

Those are beautiful photos! I love the diner- I ought to take my classic there for supper one day. But I doubt it's anywhere near where I love. And the railroad photo- I just wanted to run out the door and start walking. I don't know why, I just get the urge sometimes to just open the front gate and go. Just walk. hat photo made me think of Willie Nelson's "City Of New Orleans", which makes you want to travel. And drive fast. NEVER listen to that song while driving, you'll open up the throttle and never even notice. Yol Bolsun!

Samantha Heather said...

That sunset on the tracks is actually incredible. wowow!

Ajax Cochrane said...

Tagged you for the Libester Award at my blog


Tessie Jayne said...

I love these pictures. Because I don't take many photos, when I see your posts it always makes me wish I was a better photographer. It makes me sad in a way that April went by so quickly, and your pictures capture the beauty of the beginning of spring perfectly. I personally love the first picture, the diner, the theatre, (the lady bug :), and of course, Daisy. I hope you have a very happy May!! :)

Abigail said...

thank you.
had to look that song up, but wow is is great. i totally understand. thanks for sharing :)

Abigail said...

Thank you, TJ. i'm sorta sad april is gone, too. i think that's why i take so many pictures is because i hate change. i'm always trying to make a certain moment, day, season last a little longer before its ripped out from under me.
hope you have a happy May as well :)

Sean MacKenzie said...

Gosh, it's hard to believe that the iPod magazine {which is only thirteen years old} is considered old. Ugh, I feel old I remember when a cassette tape walkman was all the rage.

Erin C said...

Love the sunset on the train tracks picture and your dress fabric (pre-dress)-- finding a good thrifted deal really does bring joy and a special feeling. :)

MegBird said...

Wow! These photos really capture spring. I love that one of the silhouette. Beautiful! And I love that you didn't use filters on them. Lovely.

Kathrin said...

i always love your wonderful nature photos!
happy sunday!


Lucy said...

Beautiful photographs. My favourites are the one of the train tracks and the droplets on the window. You have a good eye for taking pictures. And your Easter dress - it is perfect!

Hannah Batchelder said...

LOL! That ipod pic is "vintage." :P I loved the ones with the green plants with snow on them. Intriguingly contradictory. And the ladybug pic, and the daisy pic (can't get enough of her).


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