Aug 23, 2015

august in photos 2/3

summer seems to be invincible this time of year. 
the days are long and the nights are short.  
everywhere there are clothes on the line and lawns being mowed
sprinklers running, swimsuits and tan skin
flip flops and bright colors. 
 everything is green  
so steeped and soaked in the deep green of growing
the plump green even the fire sun can't bleach
except for a few close cut patches of lawn.  
everyone’s gardens are bushy and big, colorful and explosive. 
hair is pulled up off the neck and hemlines and sleeves are shorter and smaller.  
the wind tosses our locks into the sun and yanks them around
a shiver runs up the spine upon entering and exiting cooled buildings.
we linger outside until it’s very late and very dark 
and then rise in the early and start it all over again.  

it feels so invincible and so do we.

^ August 11, 2015 ^
^ August 12, 2015 ^
^ August 13, 2015 ^
^ August 14, 2015 ^
^ August 15, 2015 ^
^ August 16, 2015 ^
^ August 17, 2015 ^
^ August 18, 2015 ^
^ August 19, 2015 ^
^ August 20, 2015 ^


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