Aug 18, 2014


storms come up and trees go down,
but somehow the clouds managed to scoot out of the way,
just enough for a good sunset picture this past week.
it was unseasonably comfortable, 
but now its fiercely hot again
and the only thing it seems i can write about is the weather and nature.
i guess because that's what i've been immersed in these past months.
i naturally write about the biggest things in my life,
and apparently, after looking back and my recent posts,
its nature and weather.
soon, when life settles back into the duration until its summer again,
i'm sure i'll be writing and photographing different things
(like what i used to post... sewing, my thoughts, my outfits, my music)

it's just that everything outside is so strong and overwhelms my senses.
my skin is brown like an indian,
my limbs strong from working and bicycling,
my ears are always tuned for the warbling of mourning doves,
and my hair is always away from my face because of the heat.

i want to live outside.

the house and workplace feel like a trap,
as if i am a mouse and a giant has placed a box over me to keep me from running away.

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Sarah said...

Ooh the first one is so pretty! The outdoors are pretty hard to resist this time of year! I've been trying to enjoy every second of it that I can before it starts getting cold again.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Abigail! With breathtaking scenes like these right outside your door it's no wonder you prefer to spend most of your time breathing fresh air, soaking up the sunshine and observing natural phenomena. On my recent vacation I couldn't wait to hit the road and take in the scenic splendor that awaited me. I find peace and serenity looking at these beautiful sunsets of yours. They make me want to throw down a blanket and sleep under the canopy of stars that will soon appear.

Happy Monday to you, dear friend Abigail. I wish you and Daisy a safe and happy week!

Tessie Jayne said...

That's a really neat metaphor. It certainly feels that way sometimes, being stuck in the house when there's better things to do beyond four walls. Nature and weather are pretty interesting, and I think that in summer, at some point, things kind of slow down so it becomes more important to notice small things (like nature and the weather). I look forward to your future posts, whatever they may be about :).
Oh, yeah, and the sunset for August 15th is beautiful, I love all the pink/lavender/periwinkle colors in the sky.


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