Jun 3, 2014

may miscellaneous

a few more photos i took during the month of may and wanted to share

you know you're in kansas when the windows of churches include sunflowers and grain elevators

cookie, napkin, dress (we match)

exploring an old church and the flash went off unintentionally, this is the result

happy june :)


Faye Caroline said...

Beautiful images! I really love how you find the beautiful in the seemingly mundane and feels like much more personal photography, like I'm seeing the world through your eyes rather than just images of things.

Shady Del Knight said...

There are almost too many classics to count in this collection, dear Abigail. I'll scroll from top to bottom, create my own captions when necessary, and let you know which pictures are my favorites.

* Daisy sees a kitty.

* Dirt road to infinity

* Stained glass church windows

* Blue sky, green field and barn

* Sprinkler soaking garden

* Highway overpass and sky (chroma enhanced?)

* Window kaleidoscope

* Purple bulb about to burst

* Acoustic guitar waiting for a strum

* Power pole pointing skyward

* Cumulonimbus over green field

* Daisy in jail :)

* Sunlight on wall of darkened room (remarkable!)

* Blinds and drawstrings

* Orb shower at old church (surreal!)

* Ag mural

* Daisy on porch with milk can

* Leaf veins

* Shed at sunset

They are all tied for first place, Abigail. You have a great eye and the heart and soul to take award winning pictures of man made objects and natural wonders.

FYI - If you would like to see an actual picture of me and learn more about me through true stories that I submitted, you may read them at two other sites on which I am currently appearing as a guest blogger. Here are the addresses:



Dear Abigail, in my next post this Sunday I will be giving you yet another richly deserved blog award. I hope to see you then. Till then, please take good care of yourself and that little bundle of joy Daisy!

Sarah said...

Beautiful photographs! I especially love the photos of Daisy. : ) She looks like such a sweetheart! The stained glass window was so lovely and unique.

May you have a blessed day!


Lydia said...

A stained glass grain elevator. Awesome.

Samantha Joan said...

Love it all!

Sean MacKenzie said...

Beautiful as usual.

Abigail said...

oh wow, thank you Shady, it's always interesting to see the differences in tastes and the varitaion of how people see my pictures.
thank you also for including those links, your pieces were very intersting to read, and i hope you'll include the links in your next post so that all your other readers may see them, too.

Shady Del Knight said...

Thank you very much, dear Abigail, for checking out those other blogs and reading my stories. Don't forget to come to SDMM this Sunday and pick up the blog award I have for you! God bless!

Indy said...

Wow, the second photo! I am in love with it! You are such a talented photographer, I always am so inspired looking at your gorgeous work.

Cuuuute puppy!!! :)

Tessie Jayne said...

Every time you post your gorgeous pictures--whether they're sunsets, Daisy, or just plain, average things--I always end up walking away seeing things in a new way.
Not to mention, the old church picture. I love that! Maybe those little dots are angels. Whatever they are, that picture is beautiful.

Sarah Corbitt said...

Once again, beautiful photos! You truly have an eye for making the mundane, everyday object look like a work of beauty!
~Sarah C.~

Bonita Vear said...

Stunning sunset shots, the colors are so vibrant and lively! ♡


bonita of Lavender & Twill

ivette said...

beautiful pics... that place looks so peaceful..I think I'd enjoy it, a lot!
...reminds me of Clark Kent's Smallville town... I think I had mentioned that to you before, haven't I?
..anyway, thanks for the comment on my latest post, I appreciate the advice...and well..too bad you have to go though the same again...but to tell you the truth... it gives me some sort of comfort knowing that others feel the same way and have been able to get past this situation...gives me hope... thanks...take care, happy weekend!

Meg Kernaghan said...

What a gorgeous pup to adventure with!


Michelle said...

Great group of photos! My favs are the dandelion & the window with the bannister such simplicity You do have a knack for making these everyday things look incredible


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