Apr 1, 2014

march miscellaneous

my favorite unblogged photos that i took during the month of March
no filters or editing used

this was totally accidental

my bark is bigger than my bite, hehe

in Kansas, we grow Winter Wheat
planted in fall
it starts to grow
sleeps under the snow
awaking in the spring

Happy April :)


Shady Del Knight said...

Happy April to you, dear Abigail, and happy April Fools' Day! This is another eye-opening and aesthetically pleasing set of pictures, dear friend - no foolin'! Once again you remind me of my father, the photography enthusiast, who searched for and found beauty in ordinary things. They included rusty, weather beaten objects and distressed surfaces, an example of which is your shot of the paint peeling off the old door. In the next picture, dear little Daisy appears to be sniffing you, perhaps smelling the other dog and kitty you were handling the other day. Few scenes are as evocative as those that include train tracks and/or an old train station. In this brilliant composition of yours, the trees seem to be on fire. Is that a lonesome mourning dove on the wire in the next picture? It's an inspiring image, one that could be captioned "alone with your thoughts... and your Creator." The light play observed in the chandelier picture, the cumulus cloud formation, Winter Wheat, the study of architecture with wispy cirrus clouds above... they are all wonderful compositions and a joy to behold.

Thank you, dear Abigail, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Jennifer Rainey said...

The accidental photo at the top is awesome!! I also love the colors in the train track photo. It's just gorgeous. Its autumnal tones almost make me wish it was that time of year--almost!


Tanya Jean said...

What pretty pictures! Loving all the bright colors!
xo TJ


Jessica said...

I adore the one with the big shed filled with sunset light. And of course who could trade anything for your sweet little friend!


putri said...

cool pictures, love the object too :D


simply h² said...

Awesome photos and such a cute puppy :)


Erin C said...

Such beauty! I love the sun-lighted garage and the orange railroad tracks. :)

Meg Kernaghan said...

The colour in these shots is just awesome! I love the third one and the train track on in particular. x


Jessica Cangiano said...

That first image has me thoroughly captivated. It brings back powerful childhood memories of many a swing set and many a conversation shared with treasured girlfriends as we pumped our still-growing legs with all our might and felt like queens of the world as our toes grazed the sky.

♥ Jessica

Kathrin said...

happy april sweety!
your photos are always magical - love the lights and the nature pics!
happy weekend!

Abigail M. said...

thank you. i usually do not go out and search for photos to take (some of these were randomly taken while on bike rides or walks while she was at home sleeping) but she follows me around the house and is always ready and eager to sniff at the camera :)

Sarah said...

Wow that first photo is so neat! Makes me feel like I'm spinning! Beautiful photos, you have a great eye.

Joyce Kinney said...

Beautiful pics!

Sarah C. said...

These are such incredible photos! You have such a neat and different perspective; which makes for some very cool photos! Would appreciate if you would come check out my blog and follow!


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