Mar 25, 2014

ramblin' days

the best weekends

staying up late playing music
getting up early
driving to the farm
rambling around southwest Kansas all afternoon

dad drives and whistles along to wonky John Prine ballads

sis talks

i sit in the back seat
 taking pictures of anything

Kansas is weird
its flat
but you top a hill
to a stream with trees
maybe a canyon

the old and the new

wind turbines (windmills) are huge
[the little dark square at the left base is a shed]

a single blade is over 50 yards long

only a fraction of one blad can be carried on an oversize semi load

what are you lookin' at

daisy didn't come

i wasn't lonely, though
this is Tootsie


fell in love with these green eyes
she followed me around the whole farm

never has that happened before

played on the hay bales*

she followed us all the way out there
it was befuddling

[*last trip they were in  Queen of the Bale]

i think spring is coming to the farm,
one of my favorite places in the world.
no editing or filters used


Shady Del Knight said...

Your style of blogging makes visiting and reading fun, dear Abigail. I noticed in one of your previous replies that you enjoy writing partial sentences, "stream of consciousness" fashion. That technique is on display in this post and it works! Your sentence fragments are powerful. You might not read a lot of poetry but you know how to write it. Combine your words with these stunning photos and the result is a top notch post. I was shocked when you pointed out that the tiny dot next to the wind turbine is a shed. I never realized how huge those things are! The scale is staggering. The dog and cat pictures are superb, especially the shot of the curious kitty walking toward the camera and the ones of you cuddling it in your arms. I'll bet Daisy was sniffing up a storm when you got home and she caught the scent of those critters on you.

Wonderful wonderful stuff, dear friend Abigail.
You went in search of America... and you surely found it!

Abigail M. said...

thanks bunches!
your excitement for my work is much appreciated, i'm so glad you enjoy it.
Daisy was quite concerned when i came home, but forgave quite quickly.

Indy O'Hara said...

Your photos always makes me so happy! I really love that blurred photo!

Abigail M. said...

ha ha thanks. it was an accident. due to a dirt road and thus, dirty car windows :)

Leah Symonne said...

Great pictures! :) Love your writing as well, very unique and captivating.

x leah symonne x

Kathrin said...

wonderful pictures! i love to read your posts!

the cat is so cute!

sndy said...

lovely pics!!! :)

Abi Hillrich said...

first, thank you so much for the sweet comments you left on my blog.
also, your photography & writing are glorious (not to mention your name c:)
thank you so much, dear. you're fabulous.

Jennifer Rainey said...

I love this post. It's such a great collection of photos and it really captures your surroundings, all the little details and the big picture. Lovely!

Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can learn more about it here: But please feel free to decline if you've done it before or you're not interested. No hard feelings! :)


Erin C said...

Oh my goodness, what beautiful stories you tell! Just the way your words fall is graceful (but real) especially alongside your photographs. Those make me want to breathe deeply, open land does that to me. :)

Sarah said...

The love the dramatic bold colors in your photos and your writing style! And oh my gosh those windmills are even bigger than I imagined!

Emma McIlroy said...

I just came from It's Leli after reading your comment and I wanted to say that even if you could fail at blogging (which is so objective I don't believe you can) you certainly aren't! The poetry of your posts is a pleasure to read. :)

Abigail M. said...

ah, thank you so very, very much.
i treasure your words, Emma.
God bless :)

Mary Stackhouse said...

Nice shots! I love the fifth one from the top. What kind of camera and lens do you use? Also love the last one. I like how you blurred the background. I need to practice that more!!

Abigail M. said...

thank you, Mary.
i just use a little point and shoot camera, Cannon PowerShot A2200 here's the link...

the last shot i was able to press the shutter button halfway to focus on the plant and it blurred the background automatically. I think it's a pretty good little camera, though i'm looking to upgrade to an ultra-zoom for a little more clarity in my sunset photos.
many thanks for all the nice comments :)

ivette said...

it all sounds so nice... I miss my family...
and I think Kansas is magical... maybe because of Dorothy...I'm a huge fan of the wizard of oz..
lovely pics...nature is the cure to anything... this was a day well spent...thanks for sharing...and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, I appreciate them truly!
take care!

Tanya Jean said...

I love snapping pictures on car trips! All great pictures :)
xo TJ

Lucy said...

These are some really fantastic pictures, Abigail! I love love love the one of the little abandoned house up the top. The colours are just so vivid and really I am just gobsmacked at the size of those wind turbines. I had no idea they were that huge!

Sean MacKenzie said...

Awe, what sweet little friends that joined you.


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