Mar 5, 2014

colors in winter

Although i love winter's intense blue skies, weak yellow sunshine and blindingly white snow, an abundance of gray and dreary days have been around lately.  It may be the month of March, but the season and weather conditions are still screaming 'winter!'.  In fact, as i write this, it has begun to snow/sleet again. This after a snowed in weekend.

This being the fourth month of these weather conditions, i don't love winter any less, i just look forward to the spring more.
I was looking through some pictures from last summer, and was struck at how full and green everything was, the intense colors of flowers and clothing.
But then, walking down the street with my friend yesterday [above and below photos], the realization came to me that WINTER. IS. NOT. DREARY. OR. COLORLESS.   It, like a whole host of things, only is what you want it to be.

If one has an outlook of cold, uncomfortable, boring, harsh and distasteful, that is exactly what winter will be.
But if we choose to look at these glorious winter months as a brisk, invigorating, charming and yes, colorful, we can turn something that others look on with dread into another chapter of joy in our lives.

After all, a yellow house may be somewhat lost in summertime, being surrounded by bright sun, green grass and trees and colorful flowers.  Yet it's so much more striking set on a backdrop of white and brown.
The same goes for her red coat.  Who says dark colors are for winter?  In summer/spring/fall everyone wears fun colors.  Why are most coats black?  Red is much more fun and stands out in the snow and on dark days.

Observe some of the colors i captured this winter.  I didn't know i was going to make this post until about an hour ago when i was walking down the street and saw a lime green house I've seen a million times, but it was so bright this afternoon.  So in other words, i didn't go out taking pictures to prove my point (in fact, most of the photos were taken while in the car going somewhere).  This is stuff i'm unintentionally collected over winter and i myself am looking at it through different eyes...

making soup

newspaper buried in snow

old church in setting sun

house plants

Christmas lights in a downtown

snake on top of a frozen pond

cousins running with dogs

From the chamber of the south comes the whirlwind,
and the cold from the scattering winds of the north.
By the breath of God, ice is given,
and the broad waters are frozen.
Job 37:9-10

Psalm 147:16
He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes.

We'll end with a picture of two of my favorite things in the world (Daisy got a hair trim yesterday!) and with a reminder that winter does have wonderful things for us, if only we will look.


Shady Del Knight said...

These are absolutely stunning images, Abigail. These exhibits prove your case that winter is filled with vivid color if we are willing to open our eyes (and our minds) and look. The snake is a great example. Many people despise the reptiles, but they have a right to be here just as we do, and if you examine them instead of turning away in revulsion you will behold their beautiful markings. Even a weather beaten old truck has beauty for those willing to see it. I admire your attitude about winter and about life itself. A positive energy emanates from you and from your blog, dear friend. It is very refreshing.

Dear little Daisy got a haircut! She's cute as can be. I wonder what she was daydreaming about in that one picture. Or maybe she's watching the latest episode of The Beverly Hillbillies. God bless her and you, Abigail!

TooClothesForComfort said...

Great post, stunning photos as always :)

Lostvestige said...

That is a wonderful way to view winter! I've always thought winter landscapes were so pretty. Even without snow, there seems to be something majestic about it.

@gardengal4466 said...

How CuTe are the snow angels?! Love all the photos! Daisy looks especially cute but that snake, yikes!!!

Lucy In The Sky said...

This was a really nice post and I think that you are completely right, Abigail. If you are stuck on a particular outlook of your surroundings that is all you are ever going to see. But if you open your eyes you realize that things aren't like you always thought they were. These are some really good pictures to show that there most certainly is still colour in Winter, and you are very right when you say that Winter even makes many colours even more beautiful to the eye. And of course, why do clothes for the cold have to be dull, indeed! Colour should be worn all year 'round!

Jessica Cangiano said...

That snake is almost shockingly beautiful. I've never seen one slither across the ice before, though surely countless numbers of them have since the start of (snake) time. What an incredible shot to have captured this winter - the image of it will linger in my mind for a long time to come.

♥ Jessica

Clare Asper said...

What a beautiful way of looking at the winter. ♥

And that snake is just... WOW. Very impressive indeed. :)

God bless!

Putri Valentina said...

What a great place and picture dear :D


Jenny Rainey said...

This is such a wonderful post! You're absolutely right that everything is only what we make it, and that includes winter. Your photos are just gorgeous, by the way. They capture a beauty that, I'll admit, I have not been able to associate with this winter at all! Thank you presenting a different perspective on this season. :)


Randi C said...

During this particularly harsh winter, I'm loving your glass half full approach to things-- what a beautiful way to look at the world.

I'm in love with the photographs of the old truck (particularly the second one) and the snake-- such a beautiful creature! I had no idea reptiles ventured out in the winter.

Gorgeous shots, as usual!

Sean MacKenzie said...

Winter is beautiful and I'm so glad you can see the beauty in it as well. :)


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