Jun 13, 2016


what a night to be alive. 
life ain't perfect, but there are perfect moments. 

like when she handed me her phone and it was one of my favorite songs.
"listen" she says.
we yell at each other over the wind
in  joy of  happy discovery of the mutual love.

the sun is a glowing red and orange smushed circle,
moving fast but not so fast we can see it.
we leave the group and sit together
at the base of the cliff on soft, powder rocks.  
there are a few other unknown people around, scattered on the cliff and hillside.

everything is quiet, but the comfortable kind, content.
the older couple stands and smiles at a phone, trying to selfie 
(it is the cutest thing, his hands at her waist)
a man appears against the sky on the ground above.
he is round and jolly and makes a picture for them.
they thank, he leaves. 

the light slowly glows dimmer.

and some moments are to beautiful to explain.


(first official set of images with my new camera!
shot with a Canon t5 and 35mm f/1.8 lens)

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