May 8, 2015


don't forget.
don't forget the pretty days, the pretty feelings.  
the peaceful, wandering free.
the carefree little joys, never never take them for granted.
where every moment is new and exciting.
when the days are dark and i eat myself up from the inside out, 
when i'm lost and looking.
look back. 
they say don't look back, funny people.
but if there are good things to see,
even just a simple few shots from November,
if they remind and encourage and say 
'hey, times were good, they'll be happy and carefree again soon'
then do.  do look back.
don't forget the little moments.
Sweeter Gets the Journey


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Abigail! There might be pain in your heart right now but there is wisdom in your words and hope for better days ahead. One of the most useful tools for pulling yourself out of a down period is to relax and think back to a time when you felt most alive and happy. Your blog is a chronicle filled with such moments to which you have testified. The pendulum always swings back, dear friend. Time is on your side and soon you will once again be experiencing joy. In the meantime keep reliving those good times through your picture diary and keep writing things down, the good and the bad, so that they do not remain bottled up inside you. Venting is cathartic and your friends all love and support you in your journey. God bless!

Lindsay Lane said...

These words really ring true and is something I needed to hear at this moment! I hope you are alright!

Carly said...

The view of the skies where you live is breathtaking, you must never be able to breathe. ♥

Adelaide Thompson said...

Oh precious Lord. Amen. Thank you so much for these words. I've had some dark days lately, dark days of doubt. How good it is to know that the Lord will remain with us in the wastelands. ♥

Han said...

love. just, yes.

Amy said...

Oh, your photos are gorgeous! And I love your writing, it can be important to look back on the good times ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Mikailah LeFevre said...

mm, yes. those little moments are often the ones most worth remembering. :) and these shots are gorgeous, lady! i especially love the first one. xo

Jessica Cangiano said...

Beautiful words and images, sweet dear. Sometimes I worry that I risk missing the very moments you describe far too often, be it because of my health, my workload, or stress. The older I get, the more that gnaws at my soul and some days I can't help but feel like I could do with something of a 180 in some areas of my life. Usually that feeling passes or subsides a bit, but I do sense that as my 30s progress, I will continue to adapt my work/life balance and try to find time for to stop and savour more simple pleasures, as well as for (more of) my hobbies again. I miss crafting dearly, but rarely time for it at present and that that never sits entirely right with me.

Many hugs & sincere thanks for your immensely lovely comment on Sunday's recipe post,
♥ Jessica

Sarah Albertson said...

Beautiful words to live by!

Hannah Batchelder said...

I'd never thought of that but yes, yes what you say is very true! Sometimes, though, looking back at good things can make me jealous of my past self. We are designed to remember the good things that happen to us, and forget a lot of the bad. Isn't it wonderful that we have a Lord who has given us that ability?

Sarah by the Sea said...

These photographs, that sky... just wow!
Beautiful words too :)

Sarah xxo |


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