Mar 16, 2015


i can't help but be a little sad (that winter is over)
while wading though all the springtime posts.
hello: i love spring.
hello again: i love winter more.
i don't exactly care for change, 
no matter how i try to tell myself i don't mind it and be optimistic.
i just really like the cold.  
and i get spring fever very badly.
the wanting school to end, the unpredictable weather,
the restlessness and discontentment.
to me, winter (and i know i said this before/a lot) 
is refreshing and invigorating.
is it just me or did it go faster this time?  
i think it's harder to let go of this year
 because the time spent bundled up in fluffy snow really was shorter.
i could go on...
so, it's bittersweet that winter's over.
but after a nice weekend adventure (hashtag farm)
and even a little bit of a tan, the idea of spring being here is easier, i think.

on the spirng/changes topic
here are some shots from some time travel i did recently
also known as a small town senior center.
i think it's important to document these people and their lives/spaces.
they mean so much and are so important, and i really loved the atmosphere.
in reality though, i think my change problem is one of the main factors why i take pictures at all. 
to save and preserve a moment because it's all gone so fast.

Sweeter Gets the Journey


Moriah Morrison said...

I really love your photography. It's so quintessential of your writing.

Bethany Carson said...

Good point about preserving the moment. Sorry to hear you are disappointed to see winter go--but it's good someone likes the cold and frigid season (my grandmother does as well). I would send you some of springtime joy if I could. :) Take care!

Jessica Cangiano said...

There is always such a gripping bitter sweetness to the changing of the guards of each season, as the torch is handed to a new once again. I'm eager and joyful about spring, but will certainly miss winter (and the clarity of mind I find it lends me that summer's heart almost never permits) in many ways, too. The beautiful thing about the wheel of the year is that eventually, some nine or so months later, no matter what, one is great by their old friend winter (or whichever of the seasons) again and that's enough to make the parting more sweet than sorrow for me.

Many hugs & happy St. Patrick's Day wishes,

♥ Jessica

Lindsay Lane said...

Unlike you, I am really happy that spring is knocking on the door again and that winter will be behind us again waiting to return (way too soon). Spring always feels like a fresh start and in a way, ofcourse, it really is. Winter is beautiful, but always makes me a little sad. I guess it has something to do with the clich├ęd winter blues. ;-)

I love the photos you made - as always!

Rachel said...

You are a fantastic photographer! Personally, I am thrilled that spring will begin soon, but winter does have its own unique beauty. Winter did seem to go by extremely fast this year.

Hannah Batchelder said...

Cool pictures. :) I love visiting old buildings. That ceiling is awesome. ;) Well, my favorite hobby is gardening so Spring is super exciting for me, but by the looks of your posts you thrive in the winter. That's alright, sometimes people get winter blues so bad that they actually get depressed. You're lucky that you like it so much. :) And it's refreshing to see someone be so positive all throughout winter without getting into "Oh, I am sooo sick of winter, can't wait 'till it's over!" :P

carolynwest94 said...

From experience, I find that I just get comfortable with a season and then, BAM the weather changes. I love winter so much! It doesn't snow where I live but it still gets very cold and I can spend my time curled up with a pot of tea or lots of hot chocolates. I love the photographs with this post also, they have a real feel of nostalgia about them. Your banjo is also awesome! Kudos!

Amy said...

What gorgeous photos! And I love winter, but I'm usually quite ready for spring when it comes ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Amy said...

I try to find beauty in every season. In Fall, the world looks like a painting. In Winter, the world is cold but the fire is bright. In Spring, the flowers are getting ready to grow. In Summer, the warmth and hazy sky makes me feel like a child again. Where I live, seasons are rugged and unpredictable. Some years, the blossoms on the trees begin too early or too late. We get snow and harsh wintry weather for many months so when spring comes, I am so desperately ready for it that I can't wait to say goodbye to winter.

I've learned to love winter. Being from Northern Canada, you have to find something beautiful about winter otherwise it's all lost crops and frozen fingers. I rejoice in the springtime because I just love gardening so much! The bulbs that require frost to grow bloom very brightly here. No matter where you are in the world, no matter what season you live in, there is something humbling & inspiring about it.

You are so lovely, in all ways.
I hope to meet you in my future!

Abigail said...

the funny thing is, i used to get the winter blues, too. but the last few years have been different and i get more of the spring blues. does that makes sense? i guess others would just call it spring fever ha!
happy gardening :)

Abigail said...

actually, yes that's me too. getting comfortable with a season and then it leaves... i really do love all times of the year, but winter feels a tad more special for some reason. thank you :)

Abigail said...

YOU are so lovely, Amy. thank you for this comment, i really enjoy the input. I've always understood the beauty in every season mindset. as another commented mused, we seem to get comfortable with one season and then BAM the weather changes. knowing what part of North America you're from, it's totally understandable when far northerners are eager to welcome the sunshine and green grass. Happy Spring :)

Iwona said...

These photos are amazing! I love your blog:) I greet :)

Sarah Albertson said...

I used to get that feeling whenever winter left us behind, but this year I was SO ready for spring. The warm weather seems to carry such excitement in the air for me. I take pictures for the same reasons too, I love how just one shot can bring you right back to the day it was taken, as if you never left.

Hannah Batchelder said...

Makes total sense. :) Thanks! Happy spring!


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