Jan 29, 2015

one day at a time

i guess i'll be graduating this spring.
i'm already tired of the customary questions that come.
those questions that they all ask
the second they find out i'm a senior.

i don't know what i want to do for the rest of my life.
i don't know why i have to decide that now.

and there really isn't much more to say.
except that i found another guitar friend not long ago
i might have discovered instagram last month
and today Kansas turns 154.
so some recent small town wandering images for Kansas.


Lana said...

Spring is a long time off and it takes time to know exactly what you want to do. And even sometimes when you see it so crystal clear it changes again and you have to adapt. Don't let them worry you, they might ask just to see if what you want is what they want to. Enjoy your senior year and fret about big life choices a little later down the road.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Abigail! If you ever get a chance I urge you to watch the Dustin Hoffman move The Graduate because you will be able to relate to his Benjamin character. I know I did. The iconic movie was released at Christmas time 1967 when I was a college freshman, just turned 18, and wasn't sure of which major to pick or what exactly I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Take your time and the answers will surely come to you. Don't let other people rush or pressure you.

Happy birthday to your Sunflower State! I enjoyed these pictures. The wind turbine reminded me of my summertime trip through the southwest to the west coast. On our way out we saw fields upon fields of them and marveled at their gigantic scale. When I see a boarded up and abandoned house like the one you showed us here I find myself wondering who lived there and what happened within its walls over the years. Imagine all the stories the old place could tell.

Thank you for another terrific post, dear friend Abigail. Please give Daisy some huggins and lubbins and I will connect with you again soon!

Rosi R. said...

love the new look, Abigail! great post :)

Eve said...

These photos are gorgeous! Even though I'm only a Sophomore, I understand what you're going through. People ask me what career I've chosen, which college I want to go to, etc. The truth this, I just don't know. I'm not sure what God's plan is for my future but I know He has great plans for me and of course, for you. :)
Awesome post, Abby!

Amy said...

Oh, your photos are gorgeous! You must live in such a beautiful place ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Lucy said...

The more images you share of Kansas the more I want to see and experience it for myself! And as for graduating, I completely agree with you. There is so much pressure isn't there? You should not have to make such huge decisions right now and I think the amount of pressure that is placed on young people in education systems these days just increases the amount of uncertainty in what to choose and what to do. Life is long and there is plenty of time to discover your own path, and I find it is always the one you least expect! Enjoy your last year and remember that you have a choice in what you do!

Bethany Carson said...

Love your photos! I think you capture rural Kansas perfectly, and it makes me want to go back. I especially like the picture with the sun shining off the grain elevator.

People will be asking you the "graduation questions" for years to come most likely...I think they're really intended to spark a conversation when people don't know what else to say.

Faye Caroline said...

I was completely clueless what I wanted to do when I was 16! There's so much pressure put on us at that age, but how is anyone supposed to know what they want to do for the next 50 years of their life, it's absurd! It used to stress me out really bad, I felt like I was failing at life by not knowing, but that's absurd too! It took me until I was 24 until I figured it out. For some people, it takes until their 30 and that's OK too. It's much better to experience life and find what you want, than feel pressured into just picking something and end up wasting your time/effort/money. You're still so young, just enjoy your time and try and block those people out :)

I didn't know you had Instagram, I've added you! Your feed is lovely <3

Sarah said...

I always hated that question, along with the strange looks I got when I told them I hadn't decided yet what I wanted to do. And then when I did finally decide on a career I got burnt out on it before I even graduated college. So just do what you want, travel, have fun, and try to ignore people's negative comments!

Hannah Batchelder said...

Exactly! I, too, am a senior. I get those questions and I feel pressured to answer. I know that people mean well, in fact, I will probably ask that question of someone else sometime, but I feel so confused right now. My life could go in so many directions! And I have not even a clue as to which one to pick. Oh well, I suppose It can only get clearer. :P Congrats on graduating this year! :)

Hannah said...

I'm to be a senior this fall, and I have started receiving pamphlets and cards in the mail from colleges that all want my admittance. I do sort of know what I would like to do, but the problem is I don't know which path to take, or if I'll be accomplished enough to make it through college.
I know you'll get it figured out in due time. Don't force your future upon yourself, and don't worry. :)

charlotterigby said...

Such dreamy images, I especiall love the last one! Totally get what you mean about life planning pressure, people need to stop stressing other people out with big questions!

Meg Kernaghan said...

That makes so much more sense now that I know that's you on instagram! haha
Don't worry about knowing, lots of people can't just decide something so important so quickly and easily. And I don't know that many people who end up doing what they thought they would. It's a journey, enjoy it :) x
Gorgeous scenery!


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