Nov 9, 2014


it will supposedly turn very cold soon
 so the last couple of days
i have been outside as much as possible 
soaking up the southerly rays
enjoying the fall colors that have finally reached the neighborhood
working in the dying garden 
collecting crunchy leaves in old metal bins.

yesterday was a good quiet day at home
and much like the above words.
but i also made a cake.
a very tall carrot cake from scratch 
with thick, sweet cream cheese icing.
the rhythmic sound of grating carrots
working with my hands
or just being in the sunny kitchen
is a blessing in itself.
(the cake went to the church thanksgiving dinner today...
and did not return.)
i really like saturdays at home.
it's been a while since I've been home on a saturday.
i like the quiet upstairs alone after dinner
while the others are down watching television.

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Shady Del Knight said...

40 weeks of sunsets, dear Abigail, and I haven't seen the same one twice. What a glorious assortment of patterns and colors this week. Last Sunday's sky is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. How could anyone walk outside beneath that spectacular natural canopy and fail to look up in wonder and appreciation? Every picture fills me with serenity, as does the notion of you enjoying your sunny kitchen on a chilly day, smelling the ingredients as you made your carrot cake for the church dinner. All of your senses have come alive, making you eager to embrace each new day come what may - even a polar vortex. Please stay warm, hug your little sweetie pie Daisy and have a wonderful week, Abigail!

Lucy said...

It is amazing how fast the year is passing. Soak up those rays and make the most of it before the cold sets on. And I just love carrot cake!

Bethany Carson said...

The carrot cake sounds good! I love the photo of Friday's sunset.

Lana said...

Easy, laid back weekends are the absolute best.

Emelie said...

Oh Abigail, what beautiful photos! I am in love with every one of them! Is the horse pictured in one of the photos above yours? If so, what is his/her name? You have a beautiful home/farm. Btw..I stopped by to thank you for following my blog. It is always fun to gain new friends and followers through Blogger and it is very encouraging to know that new readers are joining the Emelie Claire blog readers list.
Welcome to the "family"! (; Have a great day and thumbs up on your amazing blog!

Jessica Rackley said...

these photos are amazing!! great work, friend.
(my blog -->

Sarah said...

It is nice to have a quiet day at home. I had one last weekend after a very busy week, which was much needed! That carrot cake sounds delicious by the way!


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