Sep 17, 2014

a short film - summer flashback

i am sooooo excited.
i just finished a fun new project!

more and more i'm finding beautiful things.
moving things,
sparkling things,
things that just can't be properly captured in a single still frame.
over the summer i shot a few seconds of footage of those things.
now they are here
in full HD 
as a short film.

 each clip means something to me.
i shot this all across the state
while traveling,
at the farm,
at a friends house,
my backyard.
and when i watch this, i get those same feelings all over again.

this project has taken some time.
it's come to lots of halts along the way,
and it's still far from perfect.
but letting my creativity flow and just having fun...
i don't know, i may be onto something with this video stuff.

to summer 2014.
it was a grand one.
a grand one, indeed.

Enjoy :)

Summer 2014 Flashback from ThatBanjoGirl on Vimeo.

music: Angeline the Baker by ThatBanjoGirl


Clare said...

Very nice, is hard when one just can't capture something in a photo.

Lucy said...

What a fantastic video and a job well done, Abigail! It was a pleasure watching your lovely video and getting a glimpse of your summer season and how you enjoyed it. I can imagine you must have had so much fun making this and that each time you watch it it will bring back memories of happy times. Wonderful.

Shady Del Knight said...

This is a wonderful video, dear Abigail! Your pictures of wind turbines, fields, birds, bugs, leaves, ripening crops, skies, Daisy and other natural and man made wonders all come to life in this piece accompanied nicely by the banjo. It was delightful to see Daisy with her sniffer working overtime. Such a cute little creature! The only thing lacking were scenes that included you, dear friend. I hope you will make this a regular feature and let someone else hold the camera once in a while so that we can catch a glimpse of you... Abigail... poetry in motion.

Lana said...

Absolutely wonderful!!! What a great glimpse of your beautiful home and all that glorious light. Love, love love!

Faye Caroline said...

I love videos like this! I had a friend who used to make little 30 second videos made up of snippets throughout her day very much like this and I always looked forward to them, they capture a mood so much better than a simple photograph can and provide such a lovely insight into someones world. And it's something you'll no doubt cherish in the years to come. Thank you for sharing it, I do hope you'll continue to make more!

Tessie Jayne said...

Not only are you a great photographer, you are also an awesome videographer! Really, that was such a wonderful video, and very professional--it reminded me a lot of the introduction to a movie or documentary. You've clearly had a super fun summer, and I think it's terrific that you have something that allows you to relive the memory, in a way, rather than just read about it in a journal or look at it from pictures. Make more videos--it was a joy to watch!

Sarah said...

I enjoyed your video, it definitely brought me back to those long summer evenings! I loved seeing a glimpse into your world and I think you should definitely keep these up!

ivette said...

I loved this!!!'s fun and happy... you can immediately feel a certain warmth at heart ♥
great job!.. thanks for sharing!

Rosi R. said...

I always meant to comment on this & then...well I forgot! I love love love how your video turned out, it was so beautiful to get a peek into your summer & it really brings back memories :)

Abigail said...

thank you! that means so much to me, especially coming from an artist like you. glad you enjoyed.


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