Aug 1, 2014

rodeo time

it's county fair time
and at the end of every good fair is a rodeo.
it's a blur of dust and flailing hooves,
cheering and clapping,
thundering beasts and twirling ropes,
smells of hamburgers and animals.
our flag flies, the sun sets,
we smack mosquitoes, waive at flies.
we laugh at the rodeo clown
 gasp when the bull charges.

there is an energy and electricity to the air.
rodeos are not just fun and games.
it's a whole year- lifetime, actually, amount of work and practice
all of which depends on a matter of seconds.
rodeo isn't 'a', it's 'the'.
the rodeo.
it's a following, a culture, a lifestyle, a people group.

so here's to those who ride
who race and tie and rope.
who breed and groom and train and practice
for hours, months, years, their lives.


Tessie Jayne said...

What you've described seems like a really awesome time. My town is too big to really have any "traditions" like that, but they definitely sound fun.
The pictures you took are really great. They all look like they have little stories behind them. I love how they're all action shots, taken while people might not be smiling or looking their best; it's more natural that way, and memorable.

Lucy said...

Though we don't have anything like this in our town, they have yearly rodeos and shows up around my mother's hometown. And they are just fantastic. I loved your description, it took me back to the short time I lived up there and witnessed all these things so different to home.

Sarah said...

I've never been to the rodeo before, it looks like quite the event! Your action shots are great, I love the one of the bull in the dust!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Yee-haw!!! :) I adore a good rodeo, or, really any hit of country life, and really enjoyed that you took us along for this one, dear gal. It makes me yearn to see the Calgary Stampede in person again. Who knows, perhaps next summer.

I hope that you have a stellar, sunshine and happiness filled August, my lovely friend!

♥ Jessica

Jennifer Rainey said...

I have never been to a rodeo, though we do occasionally have them around here in Ohio. I love your photos! They really do make me feel like I'm there! :)


ivette said...

these things I only see on movies and tv shows...sometimes I feel as if they don't exist anymore, like if they were fictional...but they do, right?! haha I can see it here... rodeos are still a thing there... it's all real... funny how every country/city has their own customs and traditions...


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