Jun 16, 2014

The Sunset Project - Week 19

I've recently taken a great liking to riding my bike.
when i was younger and up until very recently,
bicycling was always very hard work.
this year, i've learned that i don't have to pedal as fast as i can (unless i'm getting late for work).
i am learning to easily coast along the shady neighborhood roads,
lifting my camera to snap a picture or two.
waving to elderly people out on their front porches.
i find this kind of riding so much more enjoyable.
i ride for large pieces of the late hours when is still golden,
warm and humid, but not overly so.
eventually i find an open field or clearing for the sunset portion of my day.

^  Sunday, June 8, 2014 ^

^ Monday, June 9, 2014 ^

^ Tuesday, June 10, 2014 ^

^Wednesday, June 11, 2014 (cloud cover)^

^ Thursday, June 12, 2014 ^

^ Friday, June 13, 2014 ^

^ Saturday, June 14, 2014 ^

are any of you folks learning to slow down and do something this summer?


Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, dear Abigail! I love to gaze at your sunsets. I don't hurry through them. I pause long enough to let them sink in and make an impression on me. Seems you have also discovered the joy of slowing down, coasting, lingering and experiencing things more completely. I wholeheartedly agree. The Mac Davis song "Stop and Smell The Roses" comes to mind.


When I was young I took a course in "speed reading." The instructor was able to trace her index finger down a page of text in a second or two, reading and "comprehending" what was written practically as fast as she could turn the pages. She was able to devour an entire book in a couple of minutes. The goal then as it is now was to see how fast you could do something because faster is supposedly better. Is it really, though? I have discovered that a leisurely drive along a scenic country road is much more pleasurable then mile after mile of monotonous high speed travel on a super highway. When you slow down you have time to see more, think more, learn more and feel more. When I read a book it takes me forever because my mind wanders after every sentence or two as I process what I've read and relate it to my personal experiences. Life was not meant to be rushed through. It was meant to be savored. You are wise beyond your years, Abigail.

Thank you again for giving me The Sunflower Blogger Award. I am putting the finishing touches on my acceptance speech and will deliver my address in my next post this Friday. Until then, please take good care of yourself and fur ball Daisy!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh I used to do the same thing almost every evening! I would ride my bike around town with my camera around my neck, snapping quick pictures of whatever peaked my interest. I really need to get into doing that again, it was such a relaxing way to end the day.

tia_cherie said...

photos are so beautiful and pretty.


Tanya Jean said...

I love these sunset photo series! Lovely!!
xo TJ


Lucy said...

Reading this post took me back to my teenaged days spent way up north in my Grandmother's outback country town. I'd do just what you do. Ride around without the feeling of being rushed, taking in the blissful views of vast country fields, and finding a place to lie in the grass and soak up the warmth of the sunsets. Thanks for bringing back some of my happiest memories. :)

Erin C said...

Friend, you honestly taking stunning pictures-- I love how much variety there is among the above shots of the sky! On bike riding: I love, love to ride a bike and completely took it for granted growing up (when I'd ride mine all the time). As an adult, it's been a few years since I had one and oh, how I miss it! I think it would be harder work now that I'm less used to it, but lovely still. I resonate so with the way your described your riding habits, leisurely and in appreciation of your surroundings-- that's totally the best way! :)

Abigail said...

Oh that sure is a beautiful song. i do believe i'd heard it before, but cannot place where. thank you for bringing it back to my attention.
such interesting and thoughtful things you've written. i do believe that one of the best things about getting older is being able to relate to other's and their experiances. this especially aids in understanding, connecting with literature. i've read some things that have gone over my head, only to really love them after reading them later.
You're welcome for the award, can't wait to read the post!

Abigail said...

oh you're welcome, Lucy. that sounds like such a delightful time. it's nice to have those pleasant things to look back on.


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