Jan 16, 2014



For a long time I thought of starting a blog.
Its sort of foreign territory, I'm not a social media person or much of a computer person for that matter.
But I read a lot of blogs.
Most of my inspiration to start a blog came from reading blogs and thinking, hey, I could do that.
This may not be the most awesome blog out there, but its mine.

I probably see things differently from you.  I don't come from a place with glorious landscapes (mountains, canyons, ocean, etc) and live a fairly simply life. I've noticed that some things I see as wonderful, others see as ok and things others see as wonderful, I see as incomprehensibly amazing, which has proven to be slightly annoying to few people.

I don't have huge expectations for Sweeter Gets the Journey, it will just be an outlet and a chance to expand my creativity and writing skills, but i hope it encourages and inspires you.
You will see a lot of my dog, Daisy.  I will be posting under my writer's pseudonym, Abigail.

Enjoy :)


Sean MacKenzie said...

Hi Abigail, thank you for stopping by, that was so kind of you! I love visitors.

I think your blog is simply adorable! Your photos are wonderful and oh, Daisy is so darn cute. I too have a little girl named Daisy {a basset hound}. :)

Take care!

@gardengal4466 said...

I'm enjoying reading all your posts. I'm so glad you nominated my daughter, Sarah -lostvestige.blogspot.com/
for the Leibster award and I got to meet you. I, too, have a recued Maltese puppy dog named Daisy that is maybe almost 10!


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